Fire – The Aftermath

By Mark

September 2, 2012 Internet Marketing 129 Comments

Costa del sol Fire

When I decided to evacuate

On Thursday night a wildfire raged through southern Spain where we live. Living high on a mountain we watched the fire in the distance race down the valley opposite. We knew what they were going through as almost a year ago we had to evacuate due to another wildfire.

Then at about 11pm the wind changed direction and we were suddenly in the path of the fire.

Approaching at over 30 mtrs per second It was within 500 meters within 40 minutes we grabbed what we could and fled down to the nearest town. We spent the night in the square with our friends until we were finally allowed up to our house 12 hours after we had to leave.

I arrived to a scene of utter and total devastation where we used to be surrounded by thousands of Cork Oak trees there was just charred remains. The first thing I saw as I entered the house were my two cars burned down to their shells and pools of aluminium where the engines and wheels used to be.

All the cables coming into the house were melted so we had no electricity, or phone it looks like it will be weeks before this is fixed

Our garden was still alight and we had to spend the next 6 hours putting out small fires when all we wanted and needed to do was to sleep, today 60 hours after the fire started we still have patches of fire springing up in what was our garden.


This used to be a forest

As I said at the beginning we were the lucky ones, one person nearby died , and 2 are in hospital with serious burns. A friend lost her house which was completely destroyed, they are left with what they were wearing. Thousands of others were evacuated and still haven’t been able to return home.

1 careful owner

We have only been inconvenienced and have lost stuff that we can eventually replace. Suddenly all those little worries we had last week have been put in perspective they mean nothing.

Now it’s time to start to get things back to normal.

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Thank you for your support, it’s really appreciated


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******EDIT  Mark Acutt who lives locally has set up a WSO which aims to raise $10,000 to help people locally affected by the fire and animals charity’s that are struggling to cope with influx of animals some of which are badly burned. Andre Chaperon , Mark Acutt, Myself  (I’ve added Video Creation Mastery)and numerous other Marketers have put products into the WSO  See The details at:  ********

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