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By Mark / November 12, 2008

In mid december last year I wrote a report called the $6000 blog post in which I showed how to create an income by selling physical products. As the name suggests at that point I had made $6000 from a blog post and a couple of articles. As you can imagine, I was happy.  By the end of January that income had climed to almost $20,000. I was very happy!

At the time of writing the initial report I thought that would be where things finished but I had such great feedback from the people who bought it that I expanded the idea and included all the ways I make money from WordPress. This was released earlier this yeat as WordPress Goldmine.

As it’s got closer to christmas the site I built and promoted last year has started to increase it’s income so as of today between Amazon, ebay and adsense it’s earning me in excess of $100 per day. This will increase as we get closer to christmas.

I have now rewritten the report and you can grab it for free, you don’t need to subscribe to receive it just grab a copy from: HERE . All you need to do is right click and download it.

If it sparks your interest and you want to know more and you are prepared to take action, Then grab a copy of WordPress Goldmine , come into the free WPG forum and I will try everything I can to make sure that this year you have a profitable Christmas. Thats my promise to you.

If you have friends who you feel could benefit from this report feel free to distirbute it. If you would like to send it out to your customers then please email me at admin {@} and I will be happy to personalise a copy with your own affiliate link for you.

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Hi Mark, great post and report. Is your WPG christmas special still on? Is it too late to take advantage of this?


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