The Affiliate Glossary

By Mark / March 20, 2007

Over the past few months there has been lots written about Affiliate Marketing some of it good some of it bad. If like me you’ve read most of it then you will probably be confused. So if you don’t know your Bum from your crack then this is for you.

Bum marketing: Using article marketing to sell products. Low costs, doesn’t need a site but takes time and effort.

Niche Marketing On Crack (NMOC): An advanced version Of Bum Marketing add a little twist to the mix you need a website and still need to create artilces, however due to various twists you need fewer articles. I actually like this method a lot and it’s what i am doing at the moment, although I have made my own changes to the system.
Day Job Killer: Not one particular method but various methods that you can use to make money. Ideally Requires an adwords account. This is the follow up to Project X and in my opinion is better.

Goolge Cash 3 : updated version of the original Google cash from a few years ago some great methods in here.

That will give you a brief overview of what is the current flovor of the day….Now the controversial Bit!!

I would reccomend that before you buy these you look at some of the older Affiliate marketing books like Rosalind Gardners Super Affiliate Handbook These older books were written in a different style and give a great grounding in Affiliate Marketing. Like most things in life there are no get rich quick methods and i strongly believe that you should get the groundwork done before you do anything else. Learn what you can from Rosalind’s book and you won’t need to try many of the methods in DJK as you will be making a good income from a solid foundation.

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