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Stop Being a Passanger and Start Being a Driver – Inc. Free Report

Time and time again we do it we set up a site, a landing page or a sales page then do a few articles, videos and backlinks and hope that google then sprinkles fairy dust on our site and everything is fine.

Unfortunately that method only works some of the time, if you want traffic you need to be proactive.

You need to take viewers and drive them where you want them to go. grab them by the scruff of the neck and leave them in no doubt where they should go and what they should do when the get there.

It’s easier than you think and get it right and you can covert over 40% of people that see your stuff. (a conversion in this case is a viewer or reader going to your Site/fb page etc)

So as it’s the weekend I am going to ensure that from next monday onwards you can covert a load more of your Viewers or readers into buyers or subscribers.

First off Readers:

When you write an article the main way many people drive traffic is from the resource box. Does your resource box read like a 1930’s Hoover parts catalogue? Or a really cheezy eastern European dating site?

John likes fishing and tie flying you can read more on his fascinating blog at: Johnlikesfish.com

Check out the new TRZ54c from Hoover it sucks so you don’t have to!

OK enough already !! You need to either get sneaky or imaginative to get traffic from your resource box’s so to help you here is a free copy of one of my reports.

How to Create Killer Resource Boxes Just right click to download…

It’s free to you with no need to sign up for anything and contains lots of examples of imaginative resource boxes some of which have 90% CTR

Lets use an Honor System for this book, I’ll leave a virtual Cookie Jar here  and you can drop in some  reciprocity …which is to click the following link and go and like my FB page if you haven’t already.

See Painless..   Click here To Like me .. please I am lonely and have no friends …. (I think the Salmon I had for lunch might have had high Lead levels!)

Converting Video Viewers

Converting Video Viewers is relativly easy as YouTube lets you use or provides you with all the tools you need..

For example which of these 2 videos on the left will drive more traffic to facebook? I hope it’s obvious!

Once you know what you are doing in Youtube you can pretty much control your traffic. Send them to your other videos, show them previous videos and the next video in a sequence. You can direct them to your website or get them to subscribe to a list.

It’s easy everyone can do it and it works… so why aren’t people doing it?

For too long people have focused on getting lots of views for their Videos which is great for your ego but bad for your bank balance until you can convert them. Give me 100 views and 10 conversions over 1000 views and 1 conversion any day.

Check out this video I created with Todd Gross to help sell my YouTube marketing product which is called Video Marketing Debunked this was seen by hundreds of hardened marketers who thought they had seen everything.. they hadn’t!  That feature is freely available any one could do it and expect to see that effect taken to different levels overt he next few months… you’ve been warned.   After you’ve watched it think what you could do with that feature to entertain and drive traffic?

Video Marketing Debunked

Not only will you keep viewers watching but you are also conditioning them to click… that’s big!

So you can check out the video and if you’d like to know more then I’ve frozen the Dime sale for a few hours…

That’s it for the week I hope you have a great weekend and i’ll be back next week trying to entertain and inform..

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dipa@unique office supplies

This is a very informative article for many- I am helping a client build a number of web2.0s but these do not have resource boxes. So we just insert links and add a few images. Videos from YouTube are also not made by us, simply relevant ones are lifted and added to the content. Is this the right way to do things? Need to know soon, else he(my client) might simply be wasting time, money and efforts.



I have bought several Youtube related ebooks/courses in the past and I can’t say that these were totally crap, but nothing extra. So I’m really tempted to buy this one … well mostly because it’s from you and I got so many great tips from your blog (for free) so I think you know your stuff and that this one might be real hit … and the price seems to be very reasonable. I’m reading user reviews on WF and will decide based on these. And thanks for the free report, the resource box #3 is my favorite.
Zdenek recently posted..Sonic Smash BrothersMy Profile


Emilia@Print MIS

Sometimes all we really need is the ability to persuade potential clients through the call to action method and when supplemented with additional perks such a free relevant information, going viral is now within reach. Thanks for sharing your valuable insights!


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