Living and Breathing Internet Marketing

By Mark / November 21, 2008

I want you to read this post then spend a few days thinking about what I am saying to you. Don’t immediately dismiss it as impractical consider it, weigh up the pros and cons and decide if it’s something you think you could do.

Before I discuss my idea with you lets consider the cost of a few things….

Eban Pagan Get altitude seminar..$10,000

Tony Robins Seminar $2595

Earn 1 K a day Seminar $595

This is My idea…

Imagine living in an community where all around you had fellow internet marketers who were spending a year living and breathing internet marketing. sharing ideas and knowledge , working on collaborative projects, outsourcing work to each other, brainstorming, creating businesses and motivating each other.  How much of an income would you be able to generate in that environment?

But don’t forget you need the  lifestyle elements  tennis, golf, swimming pool, gym and sauna, mountains, sea breathtaking views and great weather most of the year great restaurants and the shopping rocks.. .  The perfect life work balance.

Sounds like an expensive dream doesn’t it, what if I said you could live this dream for around $1000 – $1500 per month. When I say live I mean just that. Apartment costs are included food is good and cheap as it eating out.

Next month I am moving close to Marbella in Southern Spain a penthouse apartment is going to cost me €700 per month. The apartment is on a gated community with all the facilities I mentioned above. There are several Apartments available in the same development.  For a while I’ve been thinking about the possibility of an Internet Marketing Community (no not like Waco!) Just like minded marketers living in close proximity sharing ideas,  resources and supporting each other and their families…..

Spend sometime thinking about the possibilities and the lifestyle

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Paul Forcey

I love this idea, I have tried to find Internet Marketers who live here in St George and have had no luck so far. I know I am not alone when I say that working alone can make it tougher than it needs to be.

I like the thought of not only being able to brainstorm but also to be able to pull on each others strengths and it would be handy to have someone who can hold the video camera and not wondering what the heck you are yammering on about.

I think it is a great idea and I expect to see great things come out of any one who takes you up on the offer. I won’t be able to make it for 2009, at least not the early part for sure.




Mark. I love the idea.
Can you talk my wife into it for me 🙂




Well, I have seen so many products by so called experts that are total garbage.
On the other hand some folks think if the product costs $10k must be worth it. Good luck to them


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