It’s All About The Clicks

Are you obsessed about traffic? Many people I know in this crazy business are totally obsessed with how much traffic they can send to their sites.  You ask them how the site is doing and they tell you:

“Great I had 400 visitors yesterday.”

You ask them how much money they made or how many signups they got and they are less forthcoming.

People focus on traffic and not conversions… and that is just plain wrong.  Here’s Why

 Just for a moment forget about traffic.

Imagine the Gods of the internet decreed that there wasn’t enough traffic to go around so to make it fair everyone would be given just 10 visitors a day.

So now you have you 10 guaranteed visitors every day what are you going to spend your energy on?

What will be the main focus of your IM endeavours?

Let me guess?

Converting as many of those 10 visitors to buyers or subscribers as possible… you’d be trying to get them to click that little mouse button and perform an action.

Am I correct? I bet I am

You’d be looking at all your calls to action and polishing and refining them and trying to make them as irresistible as possible.

“Click Here” … would change to ” Read More About The Secret to Beautiful Looking Skin”

“Sign Up for Our Newsletter” would soon enough change to  “Get our 7 Part Course on How to Dominate the Competitive Eating World”

“Click here to Buy”  would overnight become ” Click Here and Find Out Why 900 people have Taken our Course”

Why Aren’t You Doing That Now? 

So the question is now … why aren’t you doing that now? Why aren’t you writing articles and copy that make people click ?

So if you would work your butt off to ensure as many of your imaginary 10 visitors would perform the action you want them to perform why won’t you do it for the 50 or 100 that you will get today?

Doesn’t really make sense does it!

Is That The Sound of The Penny Dropping?

So this week I want you to look at what content you have and what calls to actions you are using and start to change them then compare the stats from last week to next week and see if you can increase your conversions.

To help you along I’ve got a report that contains 7 points that you should consider. It’s written by a guy called Michael Christon

If you read my blog post after I came back from London you might have noticed that I mentioned him a couple of times

“Michael Christon – I had never heard of Michael before the Gathering, he usually runs seminars that will cost you $1800 to attend where he teaches businesses how to sell.  His talk was a fascinating presentation on the psychology of sales, Just using the most basic things from his presentation on your websites could increase your income. ”

Michael is really fascinating to talk to not only did he have one of the best presentations at the London seminar I went to(Brad Grosse was even taking notes)  but his bio also includes some Tidbits like:

 A recent bit of client work was a deceptively simple video script  which ultimately resulted in my customer going on to get $2Million in investment

Often get consulted away in “traditional business” (i.e. non-IM) on psychology in sales and marketing. Have a client list that includes monster international firms and even offices of government.

So if you’d like to target the 7 Crucial Elements that drive traffic and get clicks download this free report now (see what i did there? :) ) It’s free there are no signups or hoops to jump through except you might want consider implementing them!

So let me know what you think and why not share this post if you found it useful… Thank you and have a great week


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