The Secret To A Good Email – Part II

In the last post I looked at how to write a great followup sequence and in this post I’ll talk about writing broadcast emails and why you really need to test these.

If you haven’t read it yet than you can find it at:

Be Congruent

But first one more thing about followup emails.. Make sure you deliver what you promise!

I regularly sign up for peoples email sequences to see how they are marketing and how their emails look, many pay a lot of money to have the emails written so studying them is a good education. So this week I signed up for a marketers emails, he’s relatively well know and recently held a seminar in New York.

The signup box promised a report about 7 ways to double your income… Perfect

I signed up and confirmed my email address, what was the first thing I received?  Yep a pitch for a webinar replay that sold a graphics product that was released over a year ago.

As far as I am concerned thats a big turn off.  No relationship and worst of all  he built no trust with me.  When you think long term, he has the opportunity to sell me $5000 or more worth of products over the next year or so, thats not counting the seminars I might go to.  All that potential income blown because in the first email I get he doesn’t deliver what he promises.

Thats a big lesson learn it!

Broadcast Emails The Work Horse Of Your Business

On to broadcast emails, broadcast emails are all about now, they have information or promotions about what is relevant at this moment in time. It would be pointless me adding the email I send out to my list today about this post into an email sequence. So I sent the email about this post as a broadcast which was sent at a specified time today. Broadcast emails are boring to many people but they are generally what earns you a large percentage of your income.  Therefore they are vitally important.

Most of the time a broadcast email will send the reader somewhere else, to a blog post or to a sales page so they need to be pre-sold in that email. To keep to the entertainment business analogy we used in the last blog post your broadcast is the warm up act that gets the audience buzzing for the main star of the show which will hopefully be the offer you are sending them to..

The Elements of a Good Email 

Good broadcast emails contain several elements bad broadcast emails generally just contain a call to action.

I have actually received a broadcast email promoting a product that contained just the 1 line and a link.

 ”Check out this awesome plugin”

No thanks, If you want to screw me at least kiss me first!

Would you walk up to a girl or guy in the bar and just say “grab your coat I’m taking you to dinner”?

If you did and you were the worlds greatest pick up artist then I’d imagine you might get lucky 10% of the time.

Keep in mind that these people should have been through our email sequence and they should know, like and trust us… (unless we screwed it up) so we aren’t pitching them cold. So it’s not like a creepy stranger walking up to them in a bar

However if you actually explained that you knew this really nice restaurant, and they were only open for this one night and they did the most amazing food cooked by a chef who trained for 5 years under the worlds best chef… I suspect that you would get a much higher take up rate on your offer of dinner.

So each broadcast email has several elements the first being the subject line. (I am going to assume that we are promoting a product that updates wordpress automatically)

The Subject:

You should make the subject intriguing and try to include one of the main selling points

 ”Hacked – WordPress Security Sucks”

If people don’t open your email then you aren’t going to make any money, so you’d better make sure that the subject is compelling and makes them want to open it.

The Introduction:

Next it should have an introduction.

In the introduction sets the scene, explain why you are emailing them and address any issues that are appropriate to the product you are promoting.


Last year I had 3 blogs hacked all because of an out of date plugin.

How many times have you gone to the admin area of your blog and found that you have 3 or 4 plugins that need updating and that wordpress have released an important security update?

The worst thing about that is that you know that you have another 40 blogs to wade through and that it’s going to take you a full 8 hours of work. Not a nice feeling but a lot better than seeing your site taken down by hackers

The Introduction is almost important as the subject line you need to grab attention and ensure that they want to read the rest of the email, make it personal to them and try to include some emotional triggers.

The Solution:

Next up try explain a little about the solution you are going to offer and how it will help the reader.

 Over the past few weeks I’ve been beta testing a really cool piece of software that automatically updates all my blogs with a single press of a button. It took me 15 minutes to set it up the first time and after that It updated all my blogs in just a few minutes while I was doing more important things. I couldn’t believe it, I’ve tried several tools like this before and they were either too expensive or didn’t work properly.


What about The People Who Aren’t Interested?

One problem is that every offer isn’t for everyone so we want to try to give good value to anyone reading the email even if it’s not something they’ll benefit from. The next promotion you do might be perfect for them so we want to keep them opening the emails and getting value.

 ”Of course not everyone has lots of blogs so many of you won’t need to do multiple updates, I find that a folder on my desktop with all the new plugins in it that can be quickly FTP’d to my site can really save time if you are updating less than 5 blogs. Set the folder up exactly how your plugins folder is set up and then you just need to click the upload button and your good to go”

 The Call To Action AKA The Money Shot

Finally you need a strong call to action, a lot of the time if you can do a video of the product or an interview with the vendor of a product then you’ll get a much higher response than just telling people to go to the sales page.

 For those of you who have more than 5 blogs and want to ensure your blog is secure and less prone to being hacked then have a look at this video i’ve done showing you how I updated 20 blogs in under 3 minutes.

An email like that is relativly easy to write and doesn’t (Hopefully) come across as overtly hypey as you are giving some value


The Cardinal Rule

Never ever ever ever ever ever send out a swipe email thats provided by the vendor in the affiliate section ,  because if your subscribers get the same emails from 3 or 4 people they know that you don’t care enough to spend 30 minutes writing an email.  A broadcast email for a product promotion can earn you a lot of money if it’s done right so keep that in mind and actually spend time and effort providing value at the same time as promoting products.


Finally not every email should be promotional one, create reports and videos you can give away to keep your subscribers interested.

Hope you enjoyed these 2 emails in the next email I am going to look at a simple and effective sales funnel that should allow you to increase your income significantly.

Thanks for reading and I hope you got something from these last 2 posts…  remember as ever please share , tweet , like and comment… It really does make a difference!

Ohh and Finally Finally… If anyone would be interested in a free facebook group that focuses on list building please let me know via the comments section and if there is enough interest I’ll set it up.


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