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If you aren’t doing any article marketing you really should start with out it you are being left behind. The articles that you write perform many functions, they are original content for your sites, they drive traffic to your sites via article directories (on many of my site ezine articles brings me more visitors than MSN) they provide you with all important backlinks.

The thing that many people don’t like about article marketing is that it is “Hard Work” but when you think about it really isn’t hard work , hard work is working 2 jobs to keep food on your table or carrying heavy loads 12 hours per day for miminum wage. Writing articles is easy you just sit in front of your pc and put words on paper and then over time each one of those articles earns you money. What people find hard about writing articles is finding the words and structuring the article.

All it takes is practice i am sure people are tired of me pointing out that Allison had never written an article in her life 6 months ago now she can write 30 articles per day and a 8000 words ebook in a morning. Like most things it just takes a bit of practice. One option you can look at is PLR articles tthese are article you buy the rights to and can rewrite and use as you wish.

I don’t particularly like the traditional PLR sites you sign up pay a lot of money each month $47-$97 in general and get hundreds of articles often poorly written on a variety of subjects that change from month to month. One option is to order your own PLR articles or to join a site that provides articles on one subject. That way every month you know exactly what you will get and you can create sites knowing that you’ll have regular content to place on the site.

An example of sites like these is Travel Articles Monthly. Each month they will supply you with 50 articles (5 subject 10 articles in each). Because you know what you are going to be getting you can start to create large authoritive silo style sites. The price at the moment is $14 but goes upto $20 in a few days time not only is that great value the articles are excellent quality. Additionally you’ll be able to order custom articles that will be ideal for adding to article directories.

Here are a few sample paragraphs to show the quality ot the articles

“At the end of Mexico in the state of Quintana Roo is the coastal city of Cancun. The older part of Cancun city is connected by bridges to the newer Cancun which was developed as a resort destination for tourists. Cancun was begun in 1970, and then American developers came in the 1980’s to provide a flourishing tourist community. Its growing popularity attracted investors from international companies all over the world. In the last 30 years, Cancun’s population has grown to 600,000. Many Americans have chosen to relocate to this paradise location. In 2005, Hurricane Wilma hit the tropical regions and heavily damaged much of the coastal area. Much restoration occurred to bring the sandy shorelines back to normal operations. The beaches became much wider after Hurricane Wilma.

Tourism is the number one reason for a booming economy in Cancun. The hotel zone is located coastally and boasts a shape of a seven, if one was to look at it from an aerial view. Inside the seven shape exists Nichupte Lagoon. This is a freshwater lagoon which hosts many water activities to the tourists. To get to the older Cancun, two bridges exists connecting the hotel zone and inner Cancun city.”

Finding PLR sites that specialise in single subjects is a great idea and I personally would much rather join 4 of these sites than one of the large plr sites where you get articles on widely diverse subjects.

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