Is The Internet Marketing Niche Stagnating?

By Mark

October 30, 2012 Internet Marketing 6 Comments

I thought for todays blog post i’d try to give you some food for though..Why is the IM niche still selling products at the same prices and in the same way as they have been doing for the past few years which other types of marketing are evolving?

I was recently reading an article about how Nathan Barry and Sacha Grief sold $39,000 worth of eBooks (The article is actually an transcript of a podcast so you can load it onto your phone and listen if you wish) either way it’s a really great listen/read.

What struck me is the sales page Nathan used was the complete opposite of what we are used today in Internet Marketing.

You can check out his minimalist sales page which I think is a work of art at, now compare that sales page which is selling a product priced up to $169 with your average WSO or IM sales page thats full of hype and bluster to try to sell a $9 – $27 product.

I can see copywriters hanging their heads in shock at the thought of all of us IM’ers turning to a simple headline, a sample video or chapter and a series of price boxes.  (and maybe some testimonials )

But why not? why do we have to endure the same overly long sales letters that really tell us very little about the product?  Think of the time and effort we’d save if you could see almost everything we need on a single page without the hype… ahhh bliss.

Don’t get me wrong Nathan’s sales page isn’t perfect I would change the price boxes to vertical and side by side for a start but it’s so clear and concise it’s refreshing.

So the first question I want to ask you is … Would a simple sales page like that make you more likely to buy or less likely? (use the comments section to let me know what you think)


There is a big issue with changing too radically which Michael Christon mentioned to me when we talked about this very topic and that is tradition. He touched on this in the interview I did with him a few weeks ago if you have downloaded it yet get it…it’s a goody)

There is a tradition within every group of people for us marketers the tradition is for long sales letters and just small changes, if you’ve been and looked at a WSO recently you’ll see a lot of them are now large graphical sales pages.

Look back over the past 2 or 3 years and you’ll see that there have been very small incremental changes.

Long form sales letters, ==>   Video sales letters where the sales page is repeated on the screen,  ==>”live action” Videos where the marketers talks, ==> graphical sales letters. Nothing too radical just a simple change of format that isn’t too different and isn’t going to change the status quo.

All the time that us marketers have been in the IM niche and have been sticking to generally the same methods the “Appsumo Generation” those start ups have been ripping up the manual and testing different things to see what works. They don’t have a tradition of Long Form sales letters and paying copywriters to create psychologycally stimulating content  (did I really write that!).

They have been creating what they like and then testing it to see which converts best. When was the last time you heard of an Internet marketer in the IM niche test 2 sales letters?

The worst selling WSO I ever created was the one I did on how to split test sales pages and various sales processes.. The interest in testing just isn’t there and as long as people just focus on churning out product after product and not having a good longterm plan for their sales funnel then things aren’t going to improve.


We also have a big issue with Pricing in this Niche.. Is a product that can change the way you do business and make you money really only worth only $9?  Which is better,  selling 1000 products at $9 or selling 100 at $77? or 50 at $147

Now of course those of you who do the math will say selling 1000 at $9 BUT that usually brings lots of support calls and you’ll have to deal with refund requests, and you won’t necessarily build a list of 1000 as those buyers will probably buy something else tomorrow and give you throwaway email addresses. I know from experience that the customers who buy at higher prices, very rarely ask for a refund and are more likely to invest more time and effort into your products.

There is a lot of value in offering lower cost product If you have higher cost products in a funnel but all too many marketers just focus on one low cost product after the other with no real thought about higher priced products.

If you are going to be a marketer then market.

So hopefully that will have given you some food for thought, can the IM niche change? do you want it to change? Let me know

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