Let’s Start An Internet Marketing Revolution

Free is good…. Isn’t it?


I’ll get straight to the point, last week I created a new report called 500 Buyers. I initially intended to charge for it but for various reasons I decided to release it for free.


Now the funny thing is that some of my fellow marketers who read it called me an idiot for not charging for it… not sure if thats a good thing or not!


Others wanted to know if I was trying to start a revolution…. Hell Yes!


I want the Revolution to start here and now


I want to take the current IM market and shake some sense into it, I want to see people building long term sustainable businesses and not try just to make a quick buck.


I want people to model their businesses on successful businesses outside our incestuous swamp not model it on the guy that emails you a promotion for an “awesome  product” every fracking day.


I have some stuff planned that will hopefully completely change your mindset and get you thinking about marketing in a totally different way.


Forget about $7 product’s and building buyers lists… everyone is a potential buyer if you do things the right way.


Over the next few months I want to take you on an adventure I want to change the way you think about products, about emails and about sales funnels.


I want to show you just how easy this stuff can be once you have things set up properly.


I seriously want to change the way some of you reading this work at Internet Marketing, thats not some stupid pie in the sky idea, it’s achievable. I know I won’t reach everyone but if enough of us work at it we can make a difference.


I would like nothing more that to send an email in 6 months time that says ..”If you’ve made $50,000 from what you’ve learned lets all meet up in Bellagio in  Vegas for a brainstorming session…. next week,  And then have 10 people reply…see you there.


If it’s not for you that’s fine, continue looking at WSO’s where 90% of the products are completely irrelevant and will never help you create a long term business.


Come with me and at the end of it you will be armed with the tools and the mindset to be able to build yourself a profitable business in any niche you want.


All you need to do to start this journey is to download 500 buyers and read it then wait for the followup emails that I’ll send out they will change your mindset.


Play Time Is Over


Get your report at http://500buyers.com

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Richard Gunstone

Great Report Mark,

Downloaded at the weekend and read it twice. Now sits on the desk as a reminder of the plan and to dip into as reference point.

Working hard on free report. Goal is to be finished by Sunday.

Looking forward to the journey.

Richard G


Tim Goodwin

Great stuff Mark… deffo up for the trip to the Bellagio 🙂

Following and taking action on this process with great interest
Tim Goodwin recently posted..Zero Website Required… KindaMy Profile


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