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By Mark / December 15, 2008

There are two things I want to cover in this post  the new Adsense for Domains program and Internet Marketers who show their class. First up lets deal with the dark side of internet marketing.

I subscribe to several marketers mailing lists especially those who products I promote or those that have products that I feel may compliament the stuff I am doing.  As with all marketers they send regular emails I don’t mind this and expect it. I have several rules which help me to determine whose lists I stay on. One of those rules is that If I get more than 3 emails in 3 days I’ll unsubscribe.

Over the weekend I got 3 emails from Mike Hill one of which was a repeat of the one I got a few hours earlier and apologising for misspelling a word in the title..he still managed to include the links again.  I unsubscribed from his list and he had a form to ask my i told him that he was sending to many emails hyping stuff and not enough good info.. 3 emails in a couple of days is way too much hype.

Guess what?  He replied to me in a really classy style..

Hey D^%$ H@#$ I have given more info than anyone else… Not my fault you cannot attend my training seminars. Then I give you good free info and you don’t do a dam thing with it… just look at your desk top and you’ll see all that free content sitting there and you haven’t taken action on anything…

So anyway Mike, here I am sat on my Balcony overlooking the mediteranean having breakfast and writing this, all of this paid for by adsense , clickbank and eBay. Damn I really do wish I had taken action! <===Mike,  this last bit is scarcasm just in case you have totally lost your connection with the real world.

So guys If you are on Mike Hills mailing list and don’t want to recieve abusive emails then don’t unsubscribe…

Right Back to the serious stuff.

Google have just released a new program called Adsense for Domains.

I have two contrasting views on this.. firstly it’s great if you park domains as many parking companies take a big cut in your income so cutting out the middle man will be a good thing. It is also great that you can buy a domain and put adsense on it before you do anything with the domain.

My other view is that Google have always said that sites that have adsense should have good quality content and not be MFA (made For Adsense) sites. Obviously the Adsense for Domains program will mean that this fundamental pronciple is being ignored.

Overall I think it’s a good thing and I’ll probably grab 50 or so domains next year and test it out.(once they release it to european North Americans get all the googd stuff before we do!) This really could make Domain Parking worthwhile again.

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I agree about MFA type sites..i think they should be excluded from ad networks, but we’ll see how it goes.



Google sort of reminds me of some of those IN Gurus you were speaking of earlier…


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