What Are Your Plans For Next Year?

By Mark / November 26, 2012

This blog post is going to be shorter than normal today as i’ve been writing non stop for 9 hours finishing off a book.


It always amazes me how much I can get done when psyche myself up and lock myself away and get rid of all distractions. I was so psyched up this mooring I came back from having a shower singing Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to work we go!  (sadly thats not a Joke!)


The Post  might be short but there is an amazing prize to be won.


On with the sizzle


Assuming that the Mayan calendars are incorrect and the world isn’t going to end on December 21st.  (The Mayans didn’t have leap years so the world should have ended several years ago if they were correct, but why lets facts get in the way of a good marketing opportunity)


What are your plans for next year?


Every year I make several plans and generally I revise them every 3 or 4 months to take into account all the stupid stuff that Google or Facebook do…and there is a lot of that.


At the moment I have 3 items on my 10 foot by 7 foot whiteboard (I can just hear my wife when she sees the plans… “why are you writing on the wardrobe doors again Mark? “)


Plan 1:  Get 5 business clients and consult and manage their email marketing  efforts – why?  I love writing emails and I love business.


Plan 2: Organise and run a kickass residential product creation bootcamp.


The plan its to hire a villa and  provide a video crew, copywriters etc then mix in coaching sessions, with actual product creation so that at the end of 7 days the attendees walk away with a top quality product that’s ready to market.


Plan 3 take all my older products refresh them and market them to business clients.


So what are your plans?


Myself and  Michael Christon  have sorted out a superb prize for what we judge to be the best answer … we’ll do a 1 hour skype brainstorming /coaching session with you to help get your plan finalised.


So just leave us a comment and on friday we’ll judge what we think is the best most achievable plan.


If you don’t know who Michael is shame on you !  Check out the interview I did with him and if you think that’s good just you wait until you see whats coming in a few weeks. It will change the way you think about products…can’t  say anything more for now.


Finally there are only about 24 hours left to fill your boots with the best bargains of the year.  Several really cool and trendy marketers…and me have added products to a black friday/cyber monday sale most have around 75% off and there are some really great products there.


The are 8 products there and I am glad to see that Paul has sorted out the monstrosity of a sales page … No hype , no signups , no affiliate links just head over and pick up some great products at great prices.




Don’t forget tell me what your plans are for next year in the comments ..and have a chance to win an hours skype consult with  Michael and Myself

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Thanks for this great idea! I always have a ton of plans, but seem to fall flat on my face halfway through the year. There are many parts to my ongoing plans, but first of all, my MAIN plan is to stop getting distracted by “shiny thing syndrome”. If I have learned one thing this year, it is that I am too easily distracted. This is the reason why I never succeed at anything, point blank. I spread myself way too thin and then I never get any one thing done. Out of frustration, I have become addicted to the income that I make on the side writing content and articles for other people. It helps with the bills each month, don’t get me wrong, but I really don’t like to have to constantly stress out about getting enough writing jobs.

I recently purchased a WSO from Warrior Forum which is all about making money with PPC. I am going to read this and read it again, watch the videos over and over until I FINALLY wrap my brain around it and put the various steps into action. The thing that I am finding right now is that it is A LOT of information to take in all at one time. I have a really hard time digesting large amounts of information, and that’s why I think this one in particular is going to take me several weeks to read and digest. I want to make a promise to myself to actually get this one going. I am always so disappointed with myself and have a hard time moving forward from my many failed attempts to get some kind of an online income stream up and running.



My plans are some of the most weird/unusual that you will hear. I have cancer. I do not believe in conventional treatment, only alternative means. There are alternative clinics that can almost be 85-90% curable. I have been trying to save and get y skinny ass to one of them. I am going on my 2nd year now of trying to acheive that. No luck, either I am the road block, or life is. It has to be some what easy to acheive, fast, and repeatable. I hired you a few years ago for $60 I think and you help me build a site that brought in a few !00$, then I got bored and let it sit there.. Since the cancer has progressed and has destroyed my tongue. I am unable to speak. email and text is my only communication. I do not really any family capable of giving me financial help. I am starting government disability in Feb. right now I live off unemployment and I buy/sell diabetic test strips. I can not swallow, so all my nutrition comes from a feeding tube that the VA Hospital inserted, who supplies nutrition formula just to maintain 102 pounds that I have left from 182 back in 2007.

Well, that is it, an over all end but no business plan to get there. The clinic, and cost of living range about 20-30$ not to mention follow up. Pretty much unobtainable for me. In the mean time, I eat as clean as I can a doctor say to another, that he didn’t know what I was doing, but I seem to be lasting longer than most. I thought to my self, “Thank you God!’

I am not writing to win any prizes,just because of my condition. I guess just to share a situation that, I think is most unusual


Andy Beveridge

Hi Mark,

Nine hours of writing would kill me I think. My plans are to build my coaching program and create a really good sales funnel. Build my list and start building on the relationship side a little more. Start outsourcing my growing Kindle business.

Hope life is great in Spain, quite cold here in the Pyrenees at the moment.



Paul Forcey

My plans are to work on building on what I have. So redo some of my software, tighten it up, build one central spot for it all to be listed.

Release at least 3 new tools I have planned out
Find new Affiliates and JV partners for products
Use solo ads to expand my lists

Build out in niches other than Internet Marketing (I think this one is vital)

Get more auto income streams so I can have more time to think on the next move and not be reliant on the next launch..

Oh and do more with video, I feel the need to share my good looks!

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Stanley Davenport

Here is the plan that I am working on and want to make a reality in 2013. Here goes.
I’m soaking up all I can about Google+ Local and Google Places pages for business. I want to offer this service as a cash flow generator with the main purpose of getting those clients and other businesses within a 50 mile radius to advertise on a site I am building for local businesses, http://www.servingwilsoncounty.com. That site will host a profile of a local merchant’s online location and website. As well as places of interest and sites using relevant keywords to draw traffic and promote Wilson county to visitors and tourist. Goodnichemarketing.com is a website to promote building an Internet lifestyle and for exposing the Internet guru scams out there. It is the hub for Google Places and local listing SEO and other services. So they are connected and will work in harmony together. That is the plan. Not a lot of digital product possibilities, but a lot of SEO, back linking, autoresponders and so forth that go along with helping an offline business utilize the online world. Thanks
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I’ve got Three Main Things that I WILL accomplish this year.

I will get my first installment of my fiction series up on Amazon shortly after the first of the year, and I plan to release another installment within a month to two months after and ongoing every month to two months after that. I’ve got the first three installments outlined, and the first one has the first draft about a third of the way done, and much of the research for the rest ready to roll.

I’ve got a list started and I’m learning how to market to it. The immediate plan is to get better at that, learn how to do split testing and such. Another dang thing to learn, which always seems to hang me up. But last year I didn’t have a list at all, so there are no excuses.

Then there’s Zazzle and Cafepress. Goal is to open my shops this week and start cranking on stocking it. I have over a thousand of my own photo images to start with. Since I LOVE taking photos and doing graphics work, this one seems a no brainer. And once they’re up there, they’ll sell. This one doesn’t have as much of a learning curve associated with it, so it’s the one I should probably concentrate the most effort on initially.

I’ve been making some dough with the revenue share sites, and will continue to work on them a few hours a week and build that up a bit more.
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since this time last year I had a nice 100/$200 a month in adsense income that is totally vanished, I have scrapped my two websites, dropped my hosting, dumped my domains, and am attempting to utilize only free methods to earn back the $200 a month.

The methods I am using right now are blogger, hub pages, and Ezine articles. I am creating blogger blogs for various subjects that I have affiliate links for. I am also purchasing domains that I can redirect to an affiliate offer to post on Ezine articles. I also build a hub pages hub for each product.

I am also building Facebook pages for each niche and creating a new twitter account for each niche.

So far I have two Internet marketing products that I am promoting. I want to get three other products in three separate niches as part of my experiment. I believe keyword research is key to doing these methods.

I am attempting this by applying one of the models in one of the new blueprints I received as an updated version of a product I purchased last year. That product is what led me to making between 100 and $200 a month online prior to panda and Penguin.

My goal is to get $100/$200 a month by April. From there I want to get into some CPA driving traffic utilizing 7 search or other equally cheap PPC methods. I also understand there are methods of using Facebook advertising that really work. I believe there are some lead generation stuff that also works utilizing PPC.

I am pretty much done with the whole SEO ranking in the Google thing.



I have a very simple plan, make and sell 10 websites per month on Flippa to at least net $1000 per month which would be life changing for me. I see a guy who earned at least $60k so far selling $100 websites so at least I know without a doubt that it is doable. It is funny for years I am trying affiliate marketing with only mediocre results but recently a friend ask me to build a website and he paid me $1000, it really opened my eyes.
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I’m working on a lab/IM cave/Area 51/member site where I get to test stuff such as Case studies, Traffic methods, Monetization Models, new ideas, conversions., and random out of the box ideas. The whole point is to do things that go against things we see on WSOs and other main street content. Create a big product and branch out. That is just for IM. I’m staying away for quick WSOs and that kind of market.

The real project is creating a few products. I’m trying to follow the lean start up model. Start building a list then work the list. Meaning find out what they need then match a product.Create a curated site with a Newsletter format. After so more tweaking create my own product in that Market. That is for 2013. For 2014, if things go right, partner up with more product creators and create lateral and vertical products. All these in a NON-IM market. Kind of what the beachbody does with the P90x and insanity brands. Long shot but still doable if I stick to similar markets. That way I don’t spread myself too thin.

I have put all this in writing but this is the best way I can sum it up.
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I’m a print publishing specialist who has spent the past 13 years helping authors publish their own, keep more profit, and create a quality product (usually via Lightning Source). That is great, and I love doing that, but got into publishing when I published my own book on purpose, prosperity, and wellness. I’ve created a site where I am blending the two and am working forward with the following plan for 2013:

1) Finish rebranding AuthorsProphet.com so that visitors there know what I specialize in and how I can help them tap into the fullness of their potential. (It seems many of us have left a lot of our potential untapped that can propel us forward with superpower like speed.) I still have a lot of work to do there, but am making progress.

2) Start teaching via YouTube so I can give out some of the great teachings I’ve gleaned for myself.

3) Continue building my coaching practice for those who want to publish books and/or further their solo-preneur businesses.

4) Grow the number of place I speak and teach live, because I really like interacting with a live audience.

I’m looking forward to 2013 and the many opportunities it offers for us all. Best wishes to you all.
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Matt Vietmeier

My main income comes from graphic design – offline & locally since 30+ years. Side businesses are photography, video and teaching – all offline. My clients are Adobe Systems, Random House, BMW, and some more locally known. I also teach at the German Academy for Book Publishing and Calumet Photographic.

With the digital age, there are a lot of changes in my industry. Newspapers, Magazines dye like flies. Most people have design programs on their computer and can do some stuff alone. Private design schools pop up like mushrooms … there is more & more competition. Prices go down.

My local business is still going strong, but I wonder for how long. So I’m looking into this online thing since years. First I got attracted to affiliate marketing and Adsense. Built some sites, that even brought money. But somehow, that felt too risky. I’m really thankful to Google for Panda, Pinguin and all the other animals. Finally I could burry that dream & stop buying ebooks 🙂

If not Adsense, than product creation. Where are the “desperate buyers”? What do they want? Shall I write ebooks about dog barking or acne???

It took another year, till I realized, that I am actually sitting on a gold mine. Why not sell, what I already produce in form of templates? And why not bring also my teaching online?

Mark’s 500buyers came at the right time. And suddenly everything fall into place: I build now a personal blog, where I talk about graphic design. And launching a template site. OptimizePress and DAP I installed yesterday.

Now working on a free product and an OTO. Than working on the list building. It’s fun to do and does not even feel like “Internet Marketing”. Doing my thing, just selling it a bit different.

This step is so logical – I wonder why it took all the years to discover it 🙂 And it is also not a fashion, that I could loose interest in. Forgetting all about “IM”. Seeing who I really am. And finding ways to sell it online.

Looking very happy into 2013 🙂 Best to all!!
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Tom Andersen

Well, what I want to do for 2013(2556 where I live) I started work on yesterday. Since 2008 I have the plan to build a user friendly and easy social Bookmark Submitter desktop/website for everybody( I only see windows desktop or website). Over time I have bought 10+ desktop/website solutions, and if they were working at all, none I have been completely satisfied with, so now is now, but I need a companion that can take half the risk/money. After Social Bookmark Submitter it is next link building tool until completed in 2013.4.5. .

And I will start develop smaller websites for sale at flippa and other “sell my website”, unbelievable what people earn from the biggest lairs marketplace.

I wish everybody the best wishes for 2013, and with the hope of better and safer internet experience.

Kindest Regards


Martin Jelsema

Mark – here’s my plan for 2013. As I look at it, I too will be working ten-hour days creating content and products as well as serving clients. Too ambitious?

Business Goals

1) Acquire at least one new branding project every month beginning in April, 2013.
2) Develop and sell branding related information products (including affiliate products) on three sites, and possibly through Kindle.
3) Acquire a mailing list of 2,000 by April, 2013, 5,000 by year end.
4) Generate at least $4,000 a month gross income consistently starting in April

The Plan

The approach to client acquisition is to elicit work from clients over the Net and also have a regional presence through local keyword selection and on-line networks. Additionally, find and join entrepreneurial/small business networks – LinkedIn, Plaxo, CEO Space, Mantra, etc.

Services will include:
Business and product naming – $1500 per project
Brand audits – from $2000 to $6000 per project
Positioning research – from $1500 to $6000 per project
Brand planning and development – depends on scope of work
Logo design/graphic standards – $1000 per project

Products will include:
Naming Toolkit
Basic Branding Process
How to Manage your Brand
Small Business Positioning
How to Conduct a Brand Audit
Affiliate products/services
Legal Zoom
Short, specific Kindle books (for opt-in incentives as well as sales)

Leads and sales will be acquired through the Internet utilizing the following websites:

SignatureStrategies.com is the main capabilities site for branding services. Will use local KWs as well as brand-related KWs. It will be an authority site, but will intersperse posts on my clients’ successes and my branding philosophy. It will have pages devoted to Signature Strategies capabilities.

BusinessNamingBasics.com is all about naming a business (or a product). It will provide many naming tips as well as info about current trends. It will be partially curated with other web content once a week. It will also have sales pages for my naming service, and links to Signature Strategies site. Use local KW as well.

TheBrandingBlog.com – oldest site – to be refurbished and turned into a curated authority site. It will feature brand news and commentaries. It will have links and ads to Signature Strategies. It will sell products, but its main function is to acquire opt-ins for email marketing efforts.

My business model will be a lead generation/conversion process based upon Peter Garety’s Evergreen Syndication Network, and his Strategic Link Building systems. This combination of social media, curation and blogging is designed for high page rankings as well as traffic building and lead generation through social media. I’ll also be participating on Linked-In, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ and other business-related social sites, as well as relevant forums and groups interested in branding and/or business start-ups

Establish a list and begin emailing alerts and offers. This will need incentives to get opt-ins. Email content will be curated much as Chuck Green’s bi-weekly (?) mailings are.

Define markets, segments and prospect types.

Establish a CRITICAL PATH and priorities for completion of goals.

Apply time line for completion of various projects.

Automate as much of the mechanics as possible

Acquire knowledge in the following areas:

Autoresponder and email mktg.
Curation process and software.
Video production and distribution.
Establish traffic-building plan and acquire/implement required knowledge and tools.
Get up to speed on FaceBook Pages, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn and start participating.



Since I’m a scanner as defined by Barbara Sher, I’m going to work on a few separate things in the new year. Basically, they will involve lots of writing and affiliate marketing.

1. I will continue to write fiction novellas and novels in 2 or 3 genres.

2. I’m taking the minimal success I have had with an EMD domain that sort of survived this year plus what I learned writing content for it and begin work on what I hope will be an authority site. The idea behind the site should give me enough topics to happily write on and learn about.

I say “begin” as my plans are actually multi-year. This first year will simply be creating good useful content for the site. Any income made this year will come about from affiliate marketing of products aimed at my niche. In the second year, the plan is to start adding products I create depending upon what posts/pages get the most notice.

Of course, as part of the affiliate marketing and building readership efforts, I will begin list building with all that that implies. Yep, I’m actually going to step into it after over a year of “just thinkin’ about it.”

3. Affiliate marketing in various manners will be the last step here, mostly with Amazon products. I will continue to make posts on the EMD mentioned above as well as build squidoo lenses (for several reasons) and create a product review site. The last two will be following Erica Stone’s Squid Pro Quo and Extreme Review reports and modified with my own experiences with products.

I do still have a few websites that are drawing some traffic and selling products. Those I will continue with minimal effort as part of this third item on affiliate marketing when time permits.

Although writing fiction is listed first above, it is the would-be authority site that I will be placing my biggest efforts on. So much to learn and experience.
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Dale Eiermann


Wow, reading the comments from some of the other people makes my plan seem like such a small plan that I hesitated to comment at all.

My website so far has gone no further than my domain name and a basic WordPress setup. I am in the process of gathering long tail keywords to build a golf authority site. I still consider myself a newbie when it comes to IM.

My problem seems to be in which direction to go with this site. I would like to be able to write articles that fellow golfers would find helpful and informative. I would also like to be able to review products that would be of interest to golfers but, I feel that I should personally buy the products to give people the sense that I am not someone who is just copying from others who have actually reviewed the products by using them or wearing them.

I’ll be honest here and tell you I really don’t think I know what I’m doing. I’ve bought countless courses on IM but I found that the people that are teaching these courses vary greatly in their techniques and just because they create these courses does not mean that they know how to teach.

So, I guess my plan is to first write articles and reviews until I start getting traffic and then add adsense and affiliate banners.

Thanks for the thanksgiving gifts.



Paul Nicholls Blog

2013 is going to be a fun year for sure

I have 2 new killer video courses that I am putting together over the next few months

Going to be building more sites for offline businesses in order to build a much bigger residual income

Get WSO of the day at least once 🙂

Help as many people as I can to start creating an income online using list building

Continue to build my blog out, plus lots of other cool stuff 🙂

Your product creation bootcamp sounds good mark, hope it goes well for you 🙂

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