I’m Back and Raring to Go

By Mark / January 18, 2009

You’ll have seen that the blog updates towards the end of 2008 were a bit irregular. I think I was suffering from a bit of burn out. I had 4 projects on the go, a house move to organise and as a result I wasn’t feeling very creative. I’ve pretty much taken the last 6 weeks off just spending an hour or two a day keeping things ticking over and working with my mentoring students and as a result I am back and the creative juices are flowing again.

My plans for the coming year are firming up nicely and I am focussing more on what I really enjoy, the coaching and forum aspects of my business. As a result I am doing one to one coaching here in Spain and building a massive update to the Income Academy forum. I am also creating a reasonable quality portable recording studio so that I can increase the quality of the videos I produce.

The First topic I want to cover on the blog this year is Twitter, I don’t think it’s a secret that I don’t particularly like Social networking sites. I never saw the point of MySpace and Facebook , If I haven’t talked to you for 10 years there is probably a good reason for it!

I did think the same was true of twitter but I am starting to see the light in fact so much so that I intent to ditch my underused mailing lists and concentrate on daily tweets instead. I think it makes sense most people use mailing lists to promote products, I think in the whole of last year I found 2 or 3 products worth promoting. On the other hand I daily find useful sites and tips.

By the time I got to write an email and send it out then I usually forgot about the stuff I’d found or I couldn’t fit all the tips into the email. To me switching to twitter makes sense. Obviously the first thing I need to do is to provide a good guide to using twitter to my subscribers so that they know how best to use it.. (I only found Tweetdeck myself a few days ago!) So If you can recommend a good twitter resource let me know.

If you have a twitter account you can follow me at http://twitter.com/m_j_thompson

Now that I am back and refreshed expect to read more of my rambling over the next few weeks

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