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By Mark / December 11, 2012
Affiliate marketing lifetime cookies

Affiliate marketing lifetime cookiesFor a long time I’ve wanted to reward affiliates for giving away free reports. The usual way of doing it is to set up separate reports with separate affiliate links and separate squeeze pages.

Even after all that hard work the affiliate won’t make any commission on future sales.

However that has now changed.

My ideal scenario is…

  • The affiliate sends his subscribers or readers to my free report.
  •  They then join my list and somewhere down the line after they have seen the value in what I teach and show them they buy a product.
  •  The original affiliate then earns commission.
  •  A few months later they see another of my products and buy it again… the original affiliate earns commission.
  •  This goes on indefinitely.

This is exactly what I have now put in place and the whole set up process is documented in the video below.

The first thing you’ll need is a Digiresults account,  The way that Digiresults track cookies allow’s you to offer lifetime commissions after that you need to recruit affiliates and get them to join your affiliate program, with instant commissions also available your affiliate program will look a lot more attractive than many.


It also pays to make your affiliate program as attractive as possible and deal with affiliates in a professional manner.


Here is how I deal with approving affiliates via Digiresults.  If i get an application and don’t recognise the name i’ll usually email them and ask how they will be promoting my products. Initially I’ll give them 30 or 15 days payment terms.


If it’s someone who I know, who has been an affiliate of mine in the past or who makes an effort to contact me and explain who they are and how they’ll be promoting and provides a little of their affiliate history I’ll then consider giving then 7day payments or Instant commission.


Anyone who proves themselves to be a good affiliate gets bumped to instant commissions and once they have made a certain amount of sales I will look at giving them a commission bump to 60 or 75%


One further thing you can consider doing is having a 2nd level affiliate program where if anyone under the original affiliate makes a sale the original affiliate gets a percentage of the commission. Another thing to consider is commission overrides, If I have an affiliate or JV partner who introduces a number of other affiliates I can give them a percentage override.


This then means that they get a percentage of any sales made the the affiliates they introduced. I would recommend paying JV partners 10-15%


If you find you have an affiliate who sends you a lot of traffic for your free report and that traffic converts into sales, then consider paying them for each lead they send, of course you’ll need to be on top of your stats for that and thats a whole other post!


Here is the Video


Finally…  If you would like to promote any of my products join my affiliate program and lets chat about what I can do for you



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Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson

One thing I’ve seen done is to make all the links in the email series affiliate links for the affiliate that recommended you. I think it’s Paul Myers that I’ve seen do this (just going from memory).

I’m not sure if this is something that you can do out of the box with AWeber or not, but it keeps the affiliate cookie fresh.
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Jim Cottone

This is a great idea and should generate a considerable amount of additional profits not only for the originator (you) but also for every affiliate. On top of this digiresults pays out almost immediately from my understanding.


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