Building a Business In 75 Minutes a Day

By Mark / January 18, 2013

tem-cal-25-minutesWhen I wrote last weeks post about building a business and said I would be adding videos over the coming months I thought that it was just a simple blog post. I’d based it on a few pages of notes I’d made over christmas when I looked at all my products and the blog posts i’d made over the year.

With in an hour of it going live i’d had 5 emails asking me for the rest of the videos.

The trouble was I hadn’t recorded them so I couldn’t post them.

So I sat down and started to write a short 5 page outline for them.

4 days later I’d had 68 pages written and 11 videos planned.. then I thought about a case study and a facebook group

Houston we have a product!

The 75 Minute Blueprint was born.

The concept is very simple strip away all the crap and all the bloat and you are left with a simple system for building n online business.

The best thing is with such a “pure” IM system you don’t need 3 or 4 hours every night.

How does 3 25 minute tasks a day sound?

Sounds simple doesn’t it, it is if you plan your tasks and make sure you execute them.  I’ll write more about the product next week when it launches but if you want to grab a pre release copy you can have one for less than the cost of a cheap Pizza for the next 48 hours.

Check out the 75 Minute Blueprint

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