Who Do You Follow -List Whores or Sharers?

By Mark / January 27, 2009

Well I’ve got the the end of January before I felt the need to have the first rant of the year.

I got an email from someone who is just starting out in internet marketing having been made redundant, she was persuaded by an email from a “guru” to pay almost $500 for a product that would show her how to create a long term income. Unfortunately this lady didn’t even know what ftp was.  Now for once I don’t hold the guru 100% responsible for the situation (shock!!) I am big on personal responsibility at the moment but this does show that you need to be aware that sometimes no matter how good a product sounds it may not be suitable for you.

There are two distinct type of internet marketer that you come across in the internet marketing niche.

Type one is what I like to call the “List Whore” these are guys whose whole focus is selling stuff via their mailing list, often they can’t even be bothered to write the emails they send out and just use the ones that the creator of the product had written for his JV partners. Avoid these unless they actually give good information that you can use.

Type two is the type I call the “Sharer” these are guys (and girls) who maybe create their own products, and have blogs and try to spread the knowledge they have accumulated over the past few years. You’ll very rarely find their blogs or products being promoted by the list whores. I have had personal experience of trying to get a product promoted by the List Whores and they are usually happy to promote your products if you fulfil one of the following criteria,

a) You are prepared to sell your product at an outrageous price so that they get a decent commission
b) You have a big list and agree to sell their next product no matter how bad it is.  (This is the IM equivalent of a circle jerk!)
Needless to say I didn’t get wordpress goldmine promoted by many of them!

Now at this point someone is going to write a comment below and say that I am just jealous of successful marketers, not so. You can be a successful marketer without selling your soul and peddling crap to your lists, just look at Frank Kern, love him or hate him for being an uber cool  guitar playing surfer  dude ,he constantly supplies good useable products and great advice.

So what should you look for if you are going to follow a marketer…? I am open to suggestions here but this is what I think.

If they create products they should produce books and products based on what they do. Not all people worth following or reading create products but they are still worth following for the insights they can bring.

They should only recommend products they have tested and used and found to be useful (I think I only found 3 or 4 products worth recommending last year)

They should be approachable and happy to spend time answering your emails (as I write this I have one of my forum members sat next to me having 3 days of one to one mentoring  let’s see Andrew Fox do that!!)

They should be realistic in their expectations,

So how do you find these good guys, here are some recommendations for you to help you get started. Go to these guys’ blogs and have a read, if you like them then bookmark the blogs.

Jennifer Ledbetter – PotPie Girl  http://www.potpiegirl.com (ok Not strictly one of the Guys but well worth reading)

Dennis Becker  http://www.5bucksaday.com/index.php

Chris Pearson  http://lostballinhighweeds.com/

So thats it for this post, got some new studio equipment arrived today or tomorow so my next post may be a video post…until then good luck

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I agree and currently am a rss subscriber to two of the folks on your list who totally rock.

Splork is hilarious and hard hitting with the truth when it comes to product reviews.

And Jennifer, let’s just say I’ve was able to finally meet the Clickbank’s commission check requirements and get pass the dreaded first 5 sales rule with Clickbank because of her.

In addition to those above and of course you, Mark Thompson, I would also add to that list: Tiffany Dow, Courtney Tuttle and Griz.




Great to hear that you got past the clickbank 5 sales rule, it proves to you and other people that this IM stuff really works…

I’ve not heard about Griz I’ll check him/her out



I didn’t realise Chris Pearson was Splork… that’s interesting. I have to agree with Savannah – Griz is pretty much the best I’ve seen for explaining how to earn money with AdSense. He’s at http://makemoneyforbeginners.blogspot.com


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