Internet Marketing – Is it really For you?

By Mark / February 26, 2013

Danger symbolI have just been reading a thread in which a group of marketers were talking about the realities of internet marketing compared to what people aspired to.

I don’t need to tell you that there were huge differences in the 2 figures.

The figures quotes had slight variations but they were all pretty similar to other stats I’ve seen

90% of people who do internet marketing earn less that $500 per month

90% of people want to earn more than  $2,500 per month (25% want more than $25,000 per month)

I really find it surprising that so few people earn less than $500.  That’s $16 per day or less than $1 per hour.

I say I am surprised but I’m not sure if I really am, I’ve seen so many people jump from one method of making money to another without giving any of them a proper try.

I’ve seen marketers constantly market different products, this week it’s facebook next week it media buys, the week after it’s webinar software.

It’s time to stop the madness.

Sellers, help your subscribers and buyers focus on one thing and keep at it until they build an income, stop offering the next big thing and the latest shiny objects. If you create a product that helps them to earn $20 a day they’ll happily buy your products that help them earn $50 or $100 and pay more for them.

Buyers. Focus on building a steady income, don’t let your dreams of earning $1000 a day get in the way of reality.  You’ve first got to earn $20 a day, then $50 then $100 before you can even think about earning $1000 per day.

Apart from the whole shiny object syndrome one thing that holds people back is that they don’t really want to be Internet Marketers. Don’t get me wrong they love the idea of it, creating a site or a product and earning money while sat in their pants…. What could be better?

Time to be honest with yourself (the truth can sometime hurt!)

What did you do yesterday to build your IM business?

Did you watch TV ?  Did you work until 3am?

You can watch as much TV as you want and  you can get as much sleep as you want. When you are successful.

But surely if you want to make money using Internet marketing then you’ve got to do everything possible to achieve that. The 75 minute blueprint I wrote focused on building a business on just 75 minutes a day but for that time you had to focus on the tasks at hand and nothing else.  Focus is everything, whether you work 8 hours a day or 1 hour a day make every minute count.

Remember just $16 a day will get you out of the 90%

If I said to you I can guarantee you’ll make $16 a day but you’ll have to work hard would you do it?  (by hard I mean every hour you can, no TV & just 5 or 6 hours sleep)

If I said to you I can guarantee you can make $100 a day but you’ll have to work hard would you do it?

If I said to you I can guarantee you can make $500 a day but you’ll have to work hard would you do it?

If I said I can guarantee that you can make $1000 a day but you’ll have to work hard  would you do it?

Have I got a yes yet?

I guess that I got a yes at the 2nd, 3rd or 4th option. Which is a real shame because success starts with that first $16 day.

When you learned to read did you start with a bit of Shakespeare or Janet and John Go to the park?

Do you see what I am getting at?

I added a link to the video below to my 500 buyers product and it resonated with a lot of people I still watch it every week and have the audio on my iPhone, for those moments when I can’t be bothered working!

How Bad Do You Want it?




If after watching that you have decided that you really do want it but think you need some guidance than check out my Inner Circle.  I guarantee I’ll do everything I can to help you to succeed.  But you’ve got to want it… Deal?

I suspect I may have alienated a lot of people with this post, but as with everything I do it’s from the heart and if i only get through to one person then it’s worth it.

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Guilty as charged! But have focused more clearly over the last 4 months. Bottom line offline or online you have to start-get feedback-start again and on it goes.

The problem every time people like me change direction there is another learning curve. Yes googles had its part in the changes, however life is all about those that adapt thrive those that do not fall by wayside.

Great post Mark

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Terrific post Mark.
I used to be a shiney chaser but since i have been focused on working through one process at a time and not jumping to another “next big thing”, I have seen true progress.
Still got a ways to go yet but can see the light at the end of the tunnel rather than another product separating me from more hard earned cash.
Like any business you have to work on it.
Thanks for the support,
Sue recently posted..Stress The Silent Killer?My Profile


Jim Cottone

Great post, no matter how much it may hurt to admit to myself that if I really want it then I need to put up or shut up.

Don’t be concerned about those you may alienate because quite honestly if this post alienates them chances are very high that they do not have what it takes because there will be many many more roadblocks on their journey.



Great post Mark,

There are a lot of things that are useful in achieving online (or offline) success, things like drive, determination and ambition, however “Focus” and “Concentration” are essential. Without them you can not succeed but with them you can’t lose ; – )
MsdMiller recently posted..Affiliate Marketing – An Easy Way To Make Money OnlineMy Profile


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