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By Mark

January 30, 2009 Internet Marketing 5 Comments

How would you like to work less and earn more?  I am going to assume that the answer to that question is “Of course I do you, Mark, you doofus.” In that case you need to get organised. I don’t really do new year resolutions  as my view is why wait until new year to do what you should be doing now. But I did resolve to get more orgainsed and streamline my business.

Step one was to stop being chained to my PC.  Upto now I’ve spent 99% of the time working on a desktop pc . My first purchase of the new year was a wireless enabled laptop. Small enough to be portable and big enough to give me a full sized keyboard with enough  processor and ram to run all my apps.

Next I wanted to be able to synchronise my emails between both my desktop and my PC . After trying several tools and solutions I settled for using google apps. I have google apps set up to retrieve all my mail from the various email accounts I have. To access these mails i just need to browse to and it’s all displayed for me. I can reply using any of my email addresses so don’t confuse google apps with gmail.

Google advetise google apps as a premium product costing $50 a year per account but  you can get a personal/non profit account for free by following the link for non profit organisations at the bottom of the page.

Next  drain on my time to be tackled was checking all the rss feeds I usually read everyday. Here I chose to use Netvibes which allows me to add any feed I want to view to a dashboard. I can now just log into one location and get all the news and blog posts I need.

I used to spend quite a while logging into various affiliate accounts , adsense and clickbank to check my stats, all this is now done by statsjunky,  I can also use Clicky ( to monitor site stats in real time. Both of the above programs can be used with your cell phone or iPhone.

So what does all this streamlining mean, well  I can monitor my businesses easier and react to changes. For example i found that one site was getting a lot of visitors searching for a specific keyword. I have now created a standalone site around this keyword.  How long from finding the keyword to the site being up? 1 hour. The great thing was that I was sat in a cafe while Allison did the weekly shopping at the time.

I am actually writing this article at the local golf club while waiting for lunch to be served.  Mathias who is visiting me for some one to one mentoring is working on his new blog at the same table (I think I have a new Convert!) This was taken just before i posted this..

Writing this Blog post

Writing this Blog post

I am not suggesting that you get rid of you desktop and start working from starbucks , however start to make small changes that help you to manage your day to day routines. I have now got to the stage where I can go anywhere with wifi or internet access and work . Believe me it’s much easier to work sat on a beach than staring at the same 4 walls everyday.

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