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By Mark / February 11, 2009

Hi, my name is Mark and I am an idiot….

There I said it.  It’s true, last week I had an epiphony, a proper road to damascus moment..Actually in reality it was the road to the Kudu Bar but why let the facts ruin a good story.

I was walking up the hill to the bar thinking about some of my sites and admiring the views across to the Mountains in north Africa when I realised that I have been throwing away thousands of dollars.  Normally I build sites then pretty much leave them alone, I’ll do the odd bit of promotion once in a while but generally after the first month I’ll ignore them and leave them to their own devices.

This works well for me as they’ll continue to make sales or get clicks. There are some that do really well and will make sales almost every day or at least 3 a week and some that can make me $100 a day on a regular basis. So on the face of it everything is good the ones that only make 1 or 2 sales a month still earn me $300 -$600 a year which isn’t to be sniffed at.

My epiphony came to me when i realised that the sites that make me the most sales are obviously in very active markets and that I should be spending my time writing more articles about the topic and not leaving them alone.  Instead of patting myself on the back and saying “well done mark thats another $50 a day niche you have” I should be saying “right thats a good market to be in lets exploit it until i can’t squeeze another sale out of it.”

If a site isn’t making what it should make then sell it on. Take your good niches and try to get every cent you can out of them.  Be ruthless with your sites try to find the winners and promote the hell out of them, sell the poorly performing ones. Imagine being able to have only 10 sites that made 2 sales a day each of $30 commission clickbank items.  Or 20 adsense sites that made $20 a day each.

I am going to use this new thought process for the new step by step site i am going to create between the 14th and 28th of february. In the forum I’ll be documenting every step I take to build a site each day i’ll post a video and make a diary entry .  You’ll be watching over my shoulder as i build a new site from scratch. If you would like to see this sign up now. you’ll see a wordpress goldmine advert in the sidebar.

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Missing the Kudu Bar 🙂
Will watch this videos closely …


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