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By Mark / March 26, 2013

binary watchRupert Murdoch once said

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.”

He was right, how many times have you made money when you abandoned a project or didn’t release a product until it was correct.

The answer to that is probably NONE!

Do you want to know how many times I’ve released a product or site that wasn’t quite perfect but still made  money… LOTS

With everyone of those products i’ve got feedback from the buyers or from testing elements and been able to improve the product.

Quite often the money i’ve made has been used to add improvements which in turn allowed that product to increase in value.

I actually don’t like to think in terms of products , I instead prefer to talk about Assets and Asset Generation.

You should be building assets quickly and then testing them out, which would you prefer to do spend 4 weeks working on a project and then find it’s not quite right for the market you were targeting or spend 4 hours?

There is 1 big secret to quickly creating assets and that is:

1 Idea = 1 Asset

Why would you create a 400 page recipe book when you can target 7 Paleo meals your family will love.

Your target market might have lots of books on a topic so they won’t buy a book that covers everything, bu they will pay for specific information.

Myself and Paul Forcey are releasing a product called The Fast Implementation System today and for the next 3 days we are giving 75% off to our subscribers and blog readers.

We explain more in the Short (20 Minute) Podcast below

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