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By Mark / September 7, 2007

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time looking at Blogs and analysing how they are being monetized. I’ve come to the conclusion that far to many people are rushing into monetizing their blogs without thinking about what would be the best method of Monetization.  I’ve come up with some general advice that might help you to make an income from your blog.

Firstly don’t rush into monetizing your blogs until you have generated a good level of traffic.  If you haven’t got the visitors then you won’t make money.  Placing adsense ads all over your site may even affect the indexing of your site. Create regular posts  (hmmmmm why don’t I follow my own advice!!) Regular posts will attract regular visitors.

Choose your method of monetization wisely loads of  adsense blocks may drive potential readers away. Look at your webstats and see where your customers are coming from often suble affiliate links will create a much better income that other more obvious methods. Never forget people come to your site to read your blog not to look at your ads.

Concentrate on getting a large readership lots of traffic means that you can attract sponsors who will pay to be on your site.

If you have built your site upto a good Pagerank consider placing text link ads these won’t detract from your content and can earn you a good income.

Pay Per Post Ads may seem an attractive proposition but personally I think they devalue the blog

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