Why Are You Still Thinking Like a Newbie?

By Mark / April 2, 2013
Are you still a newbie

Are you still a newbieIf I asked 100 people what made a newbie I bet most would give an answer based on a specified length of time.

Someone who has been marketing for less than 6 months etc

I disagree, in my books being a newbie is all about mindset and you you approach marketing.

If that’s the case then what separates a newbie from a more experienced marketer?

Newbies tend to focus on aspects of IM they can’t control instead of what they can control.

“Google slapped me..”

“I don’t have the money to buy that great new tool”

“This niche has too much competition.”

These are just excuses that make it easy for a newbie to say things like IM is a scam, It’s impossible to succeed, I want a refund.

Newbies believe that their ideas are correct, they’ll go into a niche build a site maybe even create a product because they know that they are right. Everything they do is guided by their own opinion.

They’ll create a product or a website and spend a month trying to get the it looking right and focus for a week on the right logo.

They foolishly believe that the site or product is their actual business. It’s not it’s an asset witin their business nothing more.

The newbie see’s the IM World in black and white, there is the product or site  and there is selling the product, and the product is the most important thing…. Wrong Wrong Wrong

You are in business the most important thing is getting paid and your focusing on what your customers want. Does a carpenter think that his hammer is the most important part of his business?

The newbie marketer builds the product they want to build, they are right they know what will sell… WRONG

Because of this focus they often ignore a product that their customers and subscribers would pay for without a second though because they know best  (I’ve been there, done that and got the limited edition t-shirt!)

My business partner Paul Forcey recently asked his buyers what features they’d like to see added to a plugin. The feedback he got gave him an idea for a new plugin.

When the site or product fails they believe it’s due to outside influences that they can’t control, it’s never the newbies fault!

Eben Pagan talks about the two areas that blind entrepreneurs from success:


1. Emotional estimation – making decisions based on emotion instead of data or truth.
2. Seeing only validation – seeing only what they did well, and ignoring what didn’t work.

Newbies are masters at both of those.

What are newbies real good at? Excuses, Excuses, Excuses,

Getting a bit uncomfortable yet?

I wonder how many people have stopped reading at this point because the truth is starting to hurt?

If it is then don’t worry.  I had to face my failing as I wrote this. After 9 years I still recognise traces of newbie in some of the things I do or more importantly don’t do.

Stop The Newbie Attitude

Here is how to stop with that newbie attitude.

Become customer focused and also treat every project as vitally important ,imagine that failure to complete it will result in total and utter disaster.  If you start a project finish it.

Don’t start another project until the previous one is finished.

Newbie Marketers will generally focus on large niches whereas successful marketers target much smaller niches that they know they can have success in.

Don’t think Niches, think Sub Niches and Sub Sub Niches

Bodybuilding (Niche)

Bodybuilding For Women (Sub Niche)

Body Building For Post Pregnancy Women (Sub Sub Niche)

You will own that niche is a few months and you can build your business from there.

You’ll have a list of women, who like fitness, body building, keeping in shape and have young children and who don’t mind paying for information.

Dude, you hit paydirt!

One other thing that newbie marketers do really well is to fail to have multiple ways of generating customers, they’ll leave it generally to word of mouth.

They won’t do most of the following:


  •  Lead generation to capture an email address on their website
  •   Measure their cost per lead, cost per sale, or lifetime value of a customer
  •   Try to sell a product that doesn’t exist yet
  •   Event based marketing like product launches or webinars
  •   Joint venture promotions with complementary partners in their niche
  • Seminars and Workshops

In the last week while researching this article, I’ve seen 3 product’s sold at $500 or higher that didn’t exist and that were delivered over 4 or more weeks via webinars.

How much easier can product creation be?

The Non Newbie Marketer know’s what he thinks is of no importance, his focus is on what his customer wants.

Let your customers guide you and have channels where they can tell you want they want and what they need.

Non Newbies see a niche and immediately see the problems that they can focus on, they talk to their potential clients and find out what they want.

They are customer driven.

If you want to break out of the Newbie mindset then check out Income Igniter. The $1 trial is still available at the moment

Paul and Myself are going to be bringing major changes to how we impart knowledge in the coming weeks we are planning some member only Webinars. This month we are also doing a month long Facebook domination challenge.

Also be sure to check out our Fast Implementation System, It will change the way you approach Internet Marketing

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Hi Mark,

Another of your great posts and it certainly hit home. I like the name of your forum, Income Igniter. The Facebook challenge certainly intrigues me because I am really weak when it comes to it.

So if you’ll have me I am going to come back and join. See you on the other side, this evening (have some offline work to do first).

Have great day,

Dita recently posted..How To Make Columns In A Post Using Free Ultimate TinyMCE PluginMy Profile



Hi Dita, we’d be glad to have you, it’s like one big family in the forum 🙂



A good friend of mine in sales told me one time…”sell what the customer wants, and you’ll always make sales”… Mark you have some great INFO!!!!! Thanks


Ken Glick


I have to tell you it’s been a long time since I got more out of a blog post then I got out of this post. I especially appreciated the “genius” behind your suggestion not to focus on niches but sub, sub niches.

Based upon what you are saying, I feel certain that a marketing newbie can oftentimes overcome his/her newbie-ness by simply doing the opposite of what their first reaction is to do when faced with a marketing problem. For example, marketing newbies usually act emotionally when Faced with the problem instead of Treating the problem dispassionately until they get more data/evidence.

In any event, thanks for the very interesting and enjoyable post.
Ken Glick recently posted..Problems With Free-Product RecoveryMy Profile



Thanks ken, appreciate the comment and you are 100% correct
Mark recently posted..The Hidden Cost of Solo AdsMy Profile


andy moore

Very well put, Mark.

It’s so easy to stay in the newbie zone for years if you don’t get the mind in gear. If you continue the way you’ve always gone nothing will change. I recognize a lot of these traits in myself as we all probably do. We just need telling and reminding that we can move forward if we just had the nouse to do it.



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