Under Siege From Mass Control 2

By Mark / February 17, 2009

Is it safe to open my email yet?? For the past week i’ve been bombarded with emails about mass control 2.0. Every time I opened my mail program it wasn’t nigerian scams or email about lottery wins (hey I won 3 again this week…woohooo) that was flooding my inbox it was pre launch emails about mass Control 2.0.

The thing Is these all came from marketers I like and trust as the charlatans have long since been subjected to the unsubscribe button. Something is bothering me about this…

Now don’t think I am going to complain about Mass Control. I’m not, the original product was excellent and I am sure 2.0 is just as good. I hope so cause I got it. I also think that Frank Kern is one of the very few good guys in the internet marketing world.

Actually there are 2 things bothering me, the first  is why Frank Kern actually needs to use affiliates?

I am sure Fank has massive lists. If he marketed to his lists alone he could cut the price by at least 50% and that would generate more buyers. I do have my therory about this, and I am convinced that these guys take turns in releasing products and in return for promoting someone elses product your product will be promoted when you release it. Just my over active imagination? you tell me!

The second one is that mass control is aimed at Internet marketers who want to launch products some of the people who were sending out emails and promising their first born if you bought through their links have lists made up of lot’s of newbies. In none of the emails I saw was anyone told that it might not be suitable for them.

Hopefully I’ll be able to open my inbox now as the MC2.0 has almost sold out..at least until Frank finds 50 copies under his bed in a weeks time!

Finally a confession, I actually had a dream a few days back that i was invited around to Franks Kerns house for dinner… I blame the pre launch!!!!!

Right back to work…I should stop thinking too much and eating cheese before I go to bed

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