The Importance Of Long Term Traffic

Making Choices

Making ChoicesTo succeed in Internet Marketing takes time.  (yep you read it here first, you won’t make $10K by next Tuesday if you are just starting today)

It takes time because you need to master several skills, some are obvious such as technical skills, some less obvious such as a bit of psychology.  (what makes your client tick?)

Every skill you master pales into insignificance compared the skill of driving traffic to your site.

The worst looking site in the world will eventually make money if you send enough traffic to it. The best site in the world offering 24 Carat gold bars at $1 per kilo won’t sell any without traffic.

Once you realise this and start to focus on generating and manipulating traffic then you’ll start to make money or increase your income. I don’t mean manipulating traffic in a negative way, I mean taking the traffic you have and moving as much of it to where you need it as possible.

Good News

The good news is traffic generation is actually becoming easier. 5 years ago most traffic generation revolved around google, If you wanted traffic you either bought ads from google or you tried to rank in google.

The were very few reliable alternatives.

Now there are sources of traffic everywhere and taking that potential traffic and moving where you want it is the most important skill you need to master.

Everything you see online is as a result of traffic generation of one sir or another.

How did you get here to read this blog post?

You might be on one of my lists and saw the email I sent about this post.

You may be in one of my Facebook groups and saw the post I made

You might have been on twitter and saw the tweet about this post.

Or maybe you saw the post on one of my Facebook pages.

You may have seen this post listed in my signature in my forum or another forum

You may have seen the promoted post I created on Facebook or maybe a Facebook ad.

You may have come via my Linkedin Page or Google+ page or maybe even my Pinterest page as a rest of seeing the image i used for this post.

You may have come from seeing this post mentioned on anther blog, or as part of a comment

Phew, that’s a lot of ways that traffic might have come to this post…

Short Term Or Long Term Traffic

Traffic can be short-term or long-term it all depends on what you do with it.

If I have a blog and I am selling the latest guide to world of warcraft or a book on icing cupcakes then unless I do something to engage that traffic then it’s going to be short-term traffic. It’s been and gone.

If on the other hand I can engage with that traffic add value , give the reader a good experience then it’s long-term traffic.

There are several blogs that I read on a weekly or daily basis for example Arseblog (It’s not what you think! It’s about the worlds greatest soccer team Arsenal) I don’t return there because I see an email or a Facebook post about the latest post I go there because the content is good. From one fleeting visit I’ve been converted into a long-term visitor

Long term traffic doesn’t always need to rely on quality content.

Look around you on this blog apart from providing quality content (I Hope!) you can see several methods I use to turn short-term traffic into long-term traffic.

You can join my Facebook page where I post daily news and snippets of info along with details of my latest posts.

You can sign up for my 500 Buyers report (which is amazingly awesome! )

You can share the posts and comment on them all of which gets you engaged and hopefully means that your first visit won’t be your last.

No matter where your traffic comes from you should try to ensure that it is converted to long-term traffic.

If you get traffic from solo ads or Facebook ads give the new subscriber a good experience don’t send them offer after offer it’s not wrong to monetize your traffic just make sure you balance content and profit.

People don’t mind offers if they know they are getting value.

Learning to generate traffic is the most important skill you can learn. I am far from being an expert but with a few ideas and a little bit of skill and a small amour of cash I have generated almost 10,000 visitors to a site that used average less than 500 visitors per month.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 11.26.45 AM

However the quantity isn’t the main factor the important factor is how much of that traffic did I convert into long-term traffic …

I’ll go more into this in next weeks post which will look at the traffic and how I went from converting a very small percentage of it into long-term traffic into converting nearly 50% of the traffic into long-term traffic that I can control.


I am looking to buy some traffic… If you have a list thats been built using ‘Normal” methods (not solo ads or ad swap) and would consider doing a sponsored post please contact me (Contact details here)

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Ken Glick


When you say “…You might be on one of my lists and saw the email I sent about this post”, are you saying that you use e-mail lists that you either purchase or otherwise acquire as a way to generate traffic to your blog?




Yes I send out an email to my lists when I write a blog post.

( I don’t buy lists..I build them through different methods)


Saqib Khan

Great post Mark. Traffic is the name of the game so to speak. You can have the best looking website or the most posh restaurant on the block but if they are not getting any eye balls then nobody will visit them. It’s as simple as that. Thanks for sharing my friend.
Saqib Khan recently posted..Internet Marketing Really Does Suck Donkey Balls SometimesMy Profile



Very nice post Mark. Sometimes the obvious is exactly what people in IM need to read about the most!
Dana recently posted..The History Of Modern HealthcareMy Profile


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