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By Mark / June 18, 2013

book stackIt’s training week!

And it’s all totally free.

I decided that it was time to give back a little something to my subscribers so I am embarking on a week long (actually might be a bit longer) training session.

The training includes Free Email marketing training which will come in easy to implement bite sized chunks and delivered as 5 separate reports which focus on 1 aspect and a webinar.

Free Email Marketing Training

Email Marketing is without a doubt one one the best ways to make money online.. of course if you have read this blog before you already know that.

In fact i don’t think there is anyone who has been interested in Internet marketing who doesn’t know that.

So,  Why don’t you have a list?

Do you want your first 1000 subscribers?

I have created a series of 5 Free reports designed to get you your first 1000 subscribers.

The reports are fluff free and in bite sized chunks which we’ll send to you every couple of days

Not only will we show you how to build it  we’ll show you how to make money while building it. Plus we are giving you a chance to win an iPad mini!

This training isn’t for tyre kickers, we want motivated people who want to succeed, The more motivated and engaged you are the more we’ll do to help you get your first 1000 subscribers.

Forget all the crap about each subscriber being worth $1 per month , a well build list of 1000 subscribers can earn you $10,000 + if you market to them correctly.

As well as the training we have a Facebook group, a Facebook page and a blog ..

Get more information at: Your First 1000 Subscribers



On thursday I’ll be hosting a webinar with Clay Collins, I am really looking forward to this as it will be looking at the 4 pages on your blog that you should be focusing on. These 4 pages will allow you to double your profits.

We’ll be talking about . . .

—Why only four pages on your website should receive  the bulk of your attention, energy, and focus.  (If you focus on these four webpages, you can ignore almost all the others and still increase profits).

This is about focus. Pay attention to these four pages and you’ll do great. Ignore them and you’re hosed.

—The 7 most important tweaks you should be making to your website in 2013.

—How to easily create a one-page dashboard to help you monitor the 4 most important webpages in your business

(and monitor the life of your business).

It’s all happening this upcoming Thursday (June 20th) at:

–5PM Pacific

–6PM Mountain

–7PM Central

–8PM Eastern

Here’s what folks have said about this webinar . . .

 “Seeing how all your landing pages can work together as a sales

machine was illuminating! Everyone should see this!”

Marcos D’Urbano


“This is definitely the best marketing webinar I’ve attended.”

Martin Chernenkoff


“This was the best webinar I’ve seen (and I produce

professional webinars for a living.)”

Lenny Ferreira

You can register by clicking on the following link


Register <====== Register For The Webinar


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Colin W

Hi Mark

Will you be offering a replay for those who can’t attend please?





Colin , if you are signed up then you’ll be sent a replay link


Don Crame

That’s 1.30 in the morning GMT don’t forget to send me the replay because I may nod off!!



It’s 2 .30 for me… I’ll be zzzzzz ing


Johnn Four

Good stuff. Looking forward to the training, Mark!
Johnn Four recently posted..New to the RPG Publisher Toolbox: 150+ website templatesMy Profile


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