One Size Doesn’t Fit All

By Mark / July 8, 2013

A few months ago I bought a watch strap, It said one size fits all… it lied!

At 6 ft tall and lots of lbs/KG I am not the weediest guy you’ve ever met, so you wouldn’t expect something that said one size fits all to be too big would you?

It wasn’t my watch spun around my wrist like a cat in a tumble drier.


As a matter of fact I can’t think of anything more stupid than one size fits all….fit’s all what?  sizes , shapes, heights.?

When you are marketing to a group of people you are going to come across some people that have different needs and if you can provide for as many of them as possible then you’ll make more sales.

Of course you do get the occasional person who you’ll struggle to cater for so it’s best to gently remove them from your lists!

I had one buyer who told me he refused to ever watch any videos and wanted a refund as the course contained 12 videos as well as a PDF, that one puzzled me a bit as I sold it with a video sales letter and it was a Youtube based product..

Ahhh People you got to love ’em

Back to the topic in question.

Some of your subscribers are going to have different needs to others, some like video , some like pdf’s some like audio’s, most won’t mind what format they foot content in.

Shake up you information to cater for everyone by occasionally presenting information in a different format.

Some will like to read your emails in the evening while other’s will prefer it in the morning, so test your open rates and which time suits your list best.. You’ll probably have noticed that my emails tend to come out at exactly the same time at 1pm CET. (use the list of unopened emails and create an segment and resend to that segment)

If you look back over the past few months you’ll probably notice I was testing different times.

Also If you didn’t open one email you might have noticed that the same email will appear in your inbox again 6 hours later the following day.

Although I know 1pm set suits a lot of my subscribers I know it doesn’t suit everyone, hence the resend at a different time.

The take away for this is email is that you should try to give as many of your subscribers as possible the opportunities to read your emails, just because they don’t open the first email it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to open it so give them a second chance. ( I don’t resend these emails but I do post them on my blog)

If you offer training or services then consider tailoring that to different peoples needs. Not everyone needs a whole package, so give them options

For example I offer to create 2 squeeze pages , a report and a 7 email follow up sequence for my subscribers for $297  I know that is a bit too steep for some people so I have a series of various options that fit every pocket.

If you want any help with your email marketing then just reply to this email or log a call at my help desk and let me know what you need.


Mark “XXL” Thompson

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