The Myth Of Engagement

By Mark / July 10, 2013

Time for a bit of clarification.

I got asked the other day in one of my Fb groups

” Mark, you mentioned in a pdf the other day about putting a clickable link in EVERY email we send. Do you mean start pitching offers to subscribers from the off, before any relationship has been built? Cheers.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Right what follows here applies to what i’ll call a main list or a general list… not to a list you build just to promote a specific niche products, you can still do that with 5-7 emails. Remember with niche products you are promoting a specific product that fills a specific need.

With a main/general list you are promoting yourself front and centre and any products are secondary. It’s the best way to promote your own products or products you **Highly** recommend from people you trust and respect.

I hope that makes sense.

There are 2 aspects of email marketing at work here.

The first is pretty straight forward, you are in this business to make money so you need to ensure that you actually promote stuff, if you are sending out an email then include a link to a product, preferably your own.

If you have nothing to promote then include a link to a great resource , you want people to get use to seeing links in your emails.

Subscribers don’t mind if the link safe relevant and not the main reason for the email

The next aspect is about building engagement with your subscribers, most people think that this takes 5 -7 emails, and I used to think that myself but not anymore.

If we break it down the 3 elements that an AR sequence is designed to do is to get the subscriber to “Know,Like and Trust You”

How arrogant is it to presume that you can get someone to do that in just 5 -7 email?

There are people i’ve known for years who I don’t particularly Know Like or Trust

Getting people to know like and trust you is done by consistently providing good quality information, being honest and open and giving them a reason to read your emails.

That process can take months. That’s why every email I send is designed to build engagement, not just the first 5 or 7

Most of my subscribers now come from my blog where they can now see some of the emails I send out as can people viewing my Facebook page.

This is deliberate as they hopefully know in advance what they are getting when they sign up.

In the only AR email I sent you I told you straight up that I am going to email more than you are used to.

“I suppose the first thing I should do is to tell you that I will be emailing you on a regular basis, probably much more than you are used to. ”

I then went onto say…

“I want you to be waiting to get my emails, I want my emails to become part of your daily routine.  I believe that once that happens you’ll happily become a customer of mine.

I try to make the emails I send out entertaining,witty, controversial or pertinent to the news of the day. In fact anything but boring.

So thats it, some of you will love it and some will probably hate it, but I learned a long time ago you can’t please everyone..

I look forward to grabbing your attention…”

From day 1 I tell subscribers what to expect… as a result the open rates for these email vary between 50% and 70%… take my word for it thats massive.

I hope to earn a subscribers trust over the coming months and by being open then I hope they’ll get to know me.. as for whether the like me, thats down to how well i do the first two.

You shouldn’t expect people to purchase from the first email you send, but you hope that when the time is right that they’ll buy. If there is not a link in the email when they finally decide that the time is right then.. whoops all that work will be wasted.

So to summarise… Put a link in every email.. it will boost your profits and won’t lose you very many subscribers if you do it right.

I am currently working on a new sales page and pricing for The Email Marketers Handbook. If you haven’t seen it yet why not grab yourself a free chapter:

Mark ” I Email Therefore I am” Thompson


Forget get rich quick, loopholes and magic buttons , none of that crap works longterm.. The best way to make money online is to create a list and then market it to them using ethical methods that your subscribers will love.

My last 2 emails have had open rates of 53.9% and 48.6%  what did yours have?  The last promotion email brought in over $1200 (it was just a p.s.).. Not bragging just saying!

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