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By Mark / July 13, 2013

Woo Hoo it’s Friday?

Done any list building this week?

If not, why not?

If you haven’t got the memo yet email marketing works. It’s as simple as that.

You don’t need loopholes and you don’t need magic buttons.

Done properly you just need around 30 minutes a day.

Less once everything is running and profitable.

About 3 years ago I took a friend  to dinner and sketched a basic email marketing/ social media business plan on a napkin for her, to this day she still uses the methods i showed her so I thought it was time to repeat the process with you.


Here Comes The Starter


One of the simple blueprints I am using at the moment is as follows.

Facebook Page ==> Squeeze Page ==>Survey ==> List

The subscribers tell me what they want to know and what problems they are having.

I just have to create the emails and find suitable products (or create them).

The emails then use teasers/open loops, and good information to keep the subscribers interested and reading the next email.

FYI…Teasers and open loops are different but quite closely related.

A Teaser= “Thanks for downloading the report, that’s only the start. Tomorrow I’ll send you my top 5 race preparation tips of all time.”

An Open Loop = “We found a really great way to stop mosquito bites completely by accident when we were camping last year, tomorrow i’ll tell you the story about how we came across this wacky cure.”


The Main Course


Track and test everything, know where most of your sales come from and make sure that is the most opened email.

In our funnels the best converting emails are ones that usually come after the “story emails” we use.

Tell a story, add a p.s.

p.s. This method was so successful that I wrote a book about it “How To Get Your Children into The Best Colleges” you can read more about it at…. <link>

This email converts OK.. but the next email in the sequence converts much better. in essence the story email is a presell but with the link dropped in at the end.

In the next email you talk about the report/book/product and make a strong call to action.


The Indulgent Cream Laden Desert


Just some random facts to whet your appetite. This isn’t to brag but to make you take action.

We get open rates of 40-50% on some lists

We’ve had 2 $1000+ days from emails in the last week (that beat most product launches that day)

This isn’t Hard!


Brandy & Cigars


Got your Interest yet?

If you haven’t started to build a list and are still chasing the next shiny object then take the weekend to think about what you want to achieve online.

Then on Monday Get Started.

If you are still not sure of how to create funnels and email sequences that convert… Never fear!

You can get an almost 50% discount on The Emails Marketers Handbook until monday


Have a great Weekend

Mark “I’ll be at lunch when this email goes out” Thompson

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Susan Velez

Great tips and very interesting read. I just got started building my email list, I wish I would have done it sooner. I have been known to chase the shiny objects in hopes of making money quickly. However, now I am choosing to create a business online. Thanks for the information.
Susan Velez recently posted..Make List Building Your Top PriorityMy Profile



Susan, I think most of us leave start list building later than we should


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