Screw The Rules

By Mark / July 16, 2013

Do you know about John Rimmerman?

Probably not, he sells $30,000,000 worth of wine each year via email.

Until recently his website consisted of just a simple squeeze page, he has no e-commerce site, no advertising and he doesn’t follow the rules.

He emails an offer daily and people are waiting for his emails to arrive to see what offer he has for them. The emails are long and quirky and usually take time to get around to the actual sales pitch.

You’ll hear about his life, his travels, wine making processes , succeses and failures.

Not only that when you buy the wine you’ll have to wait for it to be delivered as he only delivers twice a year.

Anti marketing.. you got to love it.

Ask 99.9% of marketers how to build an online business and you’ll get pretty much the same answers. Things they think you have to do.

Think of the truly successful businesses of the past few years, Zappo’s, Amazon, Facebook… did they stick to the rules when they started?

John Rimmerman doesn’t play by the so called rules , he makes them up for himself.

The next time a so called guru tells you that you can’t email every day show him this article in the NY Times about John

The next time a so called Guru tells you Not to put FREE in a subject line ask them why I got the same open rate for “[Mark Thompson] Don’t Put FREE In The subject Line…and other Myths ” than a “Normal” subject line

Forget the rules look for clues in what successful people are doing… success leaves clues. (Thanks for that Nugget Morty!)


Sign up for John Rimmerman’s list even if you never intend to buy his wine, he’s successful and he has a successful format so look at what he’s doing, read his emails.

Find other marketers who are doing well with email marketing and look at what they are doing, if you get an email that you hate from someone don’t automatically unsubscribe, put them in a folder and study them later work out what they are doing wrong.

Got emails in your spam folder.. work out why they are there.

Don’t follow the rules, find out what works for you then focus on doing that.

Want the 5 new rules of email marketing, that focus on engagement and offering your subscribers what they like resulting in higher open rates and better conversions… signup below

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Hey Mark
I am gonna check this guy out! Never heard of him before but he sure sounds interesting. I have a few swipe files from people that I think write good mails and also for copy and great squeeze pages.


Clive πŸ™‚
Clive recently posted..Taking Stock, Goals & The Year So farMy Profile


Another Gut Called Clive

Yeah this guy reminds me of the ‘pirate’ chef Anthony Bourdain whose style of writing I love.


Dave Patrick


You, of course, introduced me to Andre Chaperon and “ARM”.

I recently wrote a blog post in the style of Andre’s emails.

Client loved it. Thinks I’m a genius!

Rule no 1 There are no rules.

Rule no 2 There may be exceptions to Rule no 1.


Dave Patrick recently posted..Formula For Writing A Product Review.My Profile


Susan Velez

I purchased the Andre Chaperon and β€œARM” course a while ago and have been learning how to write some great emails in my autoresponder.

My writing still needs some work.

But as I continue to write more emails, I feel like my write is getting better.

Definitely need to learn how to write better emails and increase my open rate. Thanks for the info.
Susan Velez recently posted..Set Up My Download Page For My Freebie Email List builderMy Profile



Susan, you are already on the right path.. Keep writing.
You could also write 2 or 3 emails and send them to different segments and see whic gets the best response


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