Tell Me When This Hurts

By Mark / August 13, 2013

This was an email I sent out to some of my less responsive lists… It might resonate with some of you as well!

I’ll warn you now this will hurt, for some of you it will hurt a lot. So, Sorry in advance.

You’ve been on this list for quite a long time, I’ve probably sent you a lot of emails most of which had advice about what I was doing and what was working. Some of which promoted products that I knew were good and would help you succeed.

Are You Succeeding yet?

How Is your IM business going?

Are you still looking at one shiny object after another?

Is your Paypal account still looking like the shelves of Walmart after a riot?

Do you still have a hard drive full of products that you’ve never looked at or never implemented?

Has your family stopped asking how your “Internet Thing” is going?

Recognise yourself in any of those.

Does it Hurt yet?

The good news is I am not here to sell you anything I want to help you. I want to help stop questions like that hurting.

I want to you to be able to answer positively to those questions next time I ask them.

I freely admit I don’t know everything about IM but I do know what I am good at.

I know how to get results.

I sent out an email last week that got 224 clicks and 183 sales.

In the past 2 weeks myself and my partner have sold of 5K worth of coaching with a P.S.

I drove over 1000 visitors a day to a new site

But this isn’t about me it’s about you.

Isn’t it about time you started to make money online?

I’ve got to the stage where I know that 90% of the people reading this are never going to succeed and I am probably wasting time and effort trying to reach out.

So here is the deal..

I have one list that I give all my good stuff to. It’s a list of people who WANT to make it online.

They WANT to succeed. They are still hungry and not jaded like a 45 year old boxer hoping for one more shot at glory.

I am offering you a chance of joining that list all you need to do is to sign up below

Of course you may want to know what you are letting yourself in for, that’s understandable.

You won’t get bombarded with offers.

You will get regular emails with solid advice and motivation. (and I do mean regular!)

The emails will probably be like nothing you’ve seen in the IM niche.

If you are still on the fence you’ll find a selection of recent emails on this blog (look for the ones with no images)

Just sign up to be added to my A Team list:

See you on the other side … Or Sayonara baby!

Mark”No More beating Around The Bush” Thompson

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