Klingons On The Starboard Bow

By Mark / August 16, 2013

Howdy A-Team,

I used to love Star Trek, (the original series).

“Uhura, Open a communication channel to the Klingon Battle Fleet”

That’s enough to send shivers up my spine

The great thing is that the best quote about communication came not from James Tiberius Kirk but from Jean Luc Picard

“Communication is a matter of patience, imagination.”

Can you see where this email is going yet?

Yeah, you guessed it the art of communication. Thats what us Internet Marketers do.

Unfortunately 90% of marketers couldn’t communicate if their Tribbles depended on it.

I got another email today from someone who hasn’t sent any useful information to me in about 3 months but he did tell me to..

“Go GO GO… this is awesome buy it now… or some equally mundane call to action.

Dude, thats not how communication works!

“Communication is a matter Of patience, imagination”

The imagination bit is easy , Use it, don’t follow the herd be unique and be informative… “INFOTAIN”

As for the patience bit thats easy, don’t expect to sell immediately or even try to sell. Educate your customers about your products and they will buy when the the time is right.

If you are doing a launch or promote someone product set up a pre launch list and send a series of emails explaining why the product was created, what it does and how it will help your subscribers.

It works …

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you why I am deleting 18 of my buyers lists!

Until then…

Mark “Beam me Up Scotty” Thompson

P.S. You can still Reverse Blogging at the launch price.


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