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By Mark / August 23, 2013

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit quite so far this week.

Last week I was a creative dynamo, I wrote 2 products and over 10 long form emails.

This week I am as creative as a one legged cat with a box of lego.

It’s just not going to happen.

But that’s Ok, because a long time ago I realised that how my mind worked short sharp bursts of creativity then it settles into rehab for a while.

I work around it and then when it does spark back into life I make the most of it.

The author Neal Stephenson, started writing a book and told his wife he wouldn’t shave until he finished it… it took 6 years and turned into 8 books in 3 Volumes collectively known as the Baroque Cycle.

There is nothing worse that forcing yourself to write or create content when you aren’t in the zone.

Next time you sit down to create an email series or a report and you can’t get “in the zone” don’t worry about it , do something that doesn’t take much creativity.

Then when you suddenly feel the creative juices gushing like a Texas oil well, make the most of it, create as much as you can. Grab that ball and run like forest gump.

We are just finishing off the launch of reverse blogging , it’s ended up as my most successful product of the last few years over 1400 sales of the main product and over 350 OTO sales.

I put the success down to working with a partner who is on the same wavelength but has a different skill set. It’s like taking water and adding yeast and barley.

On their own they have their uses but together they are more than the sum of the parts. .. Cheers!

We know from feedback that a lot of people love Reverse Blogging but want some extra hand holding as Facebook is uncharted territory once they stop watching dogs chase their tails.

So we are putting together a month long Reverse Blogging Bootcamp. Where we’ll take you step by step from a germ of an idea to a profitable business.

The Bootcamp starts on Tuesday, you can read more at:
Until the next time the Creative fairy comes to visit

Mark ” Gump” Thompson

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