Guess Who’s Back?

By Mark / August 27, 2013

Boom! she’s back!

Late Sunday afternoon the creative fairy returned (you did read fridays post didn’t you?)

So for the most of the past 24 hours i’v been creating videos for this week’s bootcamp and an amazing dashboard to control it all.

“When I am good I am very very good, when I bad i’m Horrid!”

I was chatting to Pete this morning and he told me about a chat he had with one of our RB customers who has finally started making money after 3 years online.

She told pete that she’s tried everything and had bought loads of products in the past and nothing worked…

Now that sort of rings a bell doesn’t it?

A sort of Notre Dame/ Quasimodo inspired symphony, if you are sitting where I am.
If you’ve been with me for a long time you’ll probably recognise the following..

“I read through it and thought

“this is crap I know all this already, there is nothing new in it”.

So I called him up on skype and told him I’d bought the WSO and wasn’t impressed, there was nothing new in it… even and as I said it to him a voice in my head said..

“You Idiot”

I suddenly knew what was coming next It was like I’d suddenly become clairvoyant… he said to me …

“So why don’t you have a list?”

All that followed was silence & tumble weeds blowing through an abandoned western town

After what seemed like hours but was probably seconds I mumbled…

“Because I haven’t put any of it into practice” ”


That was basically the story of how I got into email marketing.

I knew how to do it.. well, I knew the theory but I’d never put it into practice.

So I focussed on it for 3 months and nothing else and what happened?

I made money..

Ding Dong… hear any bells ringing?

When I was recording the bootcamp videos I opened up one of my old Fb accounts (shhhh don’t tell Zuck!) and found my first attempted at Facebook ads back in 2010

It was bad!

So after 3 days I stopped doing Fb ads..

So what happened?

I focussed on other things because Facebook ads sucked!

They didn’t, I just sucked and I didn’t focus on them..

.. until a few months back when Pete got me back into Facebook and made me focus on it.

How stupid am I?

Pete gave me a book and I read it and said… ”

I know all this!!!”


So, I did nothing else for about a month, sure I lost some money initially but I learned and improved and didn’t get distracted.. the result?

Facebook campaigns that can get me huge audiences for cents and campaigns that make me 600% – 800% Return on Investment (ROI)


Mark “Stupider than a labrador” Thompson

P.S. Our Reverse Blogging Bootcamp starts tomorrow where Sgt’s Pete and Mark will force you to focus on Reverse Blogging for the next month and make you build a successful and scaleable business.

Go here for details ..Hooyahh..

Now down and give me 10!


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