Are Your Brave Enough To Read This?

By Mark / August 29, 2013

green soul mirrorI am truly sorry if this post offends you, you’ll probably either hate me or thank me at the end (if you get that far)

To be honest if just 1 person thanks me then it’s been worth the time and effort it took.

If you are reading this I am assuming that you are interested in Internet Marketing.

If that’s the case then you fall into one of 2 categories you are a provider or you are a consumer.

The mathematics of making consistent profits online are very simple and can be summed up in 4 words..

Provide more and Consume less.

It really is as simple as that, start giving your customer base more opportunities to earn you sales or commission and focus on that and not on buying the next shiny object.

Now that is of course assuming that you have an actual customer base, yes real live people who given the right opportunity will open their wallets or purses and buy stuff.

If you don’t have a customer base then you are screwed… seriously

Dreamers Dreaming

I’ve been looking at lots of sites on Flippa over the past few weeks I’ve seen people trying to sell established sites with 50 or 60 visitors a day and no income for $2000

Good on them if they get $2000 but it’s not a business and drive by traffic is not a customer base.

It really is time to wake up and smell the coffee, If you’ve been doing internet  marketing for over a year and you still aren’t making enough to pay the mortgage or rent then you need to take a good long hard look at yourself.

Ask yourself why you aren’t succeeding.

Stop fooling yourself with excuses answer it honestly.. there are no excuses, if you aren’t making money it’s totally down to you.

I asked someone who begged me for help the same question, the answer was I don’t have any time.

He worked for 8 hours, he slept for 8 hours then played with his kids and watched TV for 4 hours every night…. DOH!!!  I told him to learn to get used to 6 hours sleep and cut out 3 hours TV then come back to me….  never heard from him again.

So answer that  question honestly.. why aren’t you succeeding?

I suspect the vast majority have answered that they either don’t focus on one thing or they keep getting swayed by new products.

The Problem is You

Let me let you into a secret … The vast majority of those products actually work… The missing ingredient is YOU!

Just buying a product isn’t going to make you rich.

But buying a product and then applying yourself to it for 4 -8 weeks at the exclusion of everything else will get you results.

Come on what have you got to lose?

If you’ve been pussying around for the last year or more without any long term success then actually taking my advice and applying yourself to 1 thing for the next 8 weeks can’t make things any worse..but they can make things considerably better.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Internet marketing is not rocket science it’s far from it , I’ve met lots of people who left school with no qualifications making very very good incomes online. I’ve met people who are so technologically backwards I wonder how the manage to turn the alarm clock off in the morning but they are successful online.

No Excuses

I wasn’t born with any talent for internet marketing.

I’m crap at selling stuff, I struggle with technology, and I can’t spell and my grammar sucks (but you knew that last bit!)  However I’ve still been making a very comfortable living online since 2005

Want to know how I learned to be a successful Email marketer or Facebook marketer?

I bought a few products and applied what I learned until I started to make money.. then I test and tweak until I’ve mastered it and then I look at ways of improving the original method.

Not Rocket Science.

Pick and Stick

It’s nearly september 1st so spend the weekend picking 1 product and sticking to it for the whole month

Look in the mirror and pledge to apply yourself to it for the whole of september.

Pick and Stick baby, Pick and Stick

Obviously I’d love it if you choose one of mine and Pete’s products but it’s more important to just do it.

So choose something you’ll know you’ll stick with.

You can still access our 4 week bootcamp for the next 3 days where we’ll take you step by step through building a business. We’ll keep you accountable with checklists and weekly Webinars. So if you need that extra kick up the pants to keep on track we are there.

After 48 hours we are already having people getting results with week ones tasks.

Get the details now at:

If you are happier working on your own at your own pace then Reverse blogging is perfect .. it works .. and works well just look at some of the reviews we’ve had

So if you’ve got this far then it’s a pretty safe bet to say that you are probably considering working on one thing for the next 30 days.. Make yourself accountable by posting a comment below to say you will do it ..

I’ll then do a post every week to prick your conscience!

It’s down to you now..

You can break the vicious cycle of  failure (Or not t if you like being a martyr and moaning about  how all products are just scams) or you can take you future into your own hands and take responsibility.. and maybe be in a much better place in 30 days time.

Over to you

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Mark White

5 seconds in I knew you were going to try to sell me something – no sale this time but best of luck 😉



Mark, of course I had a link to my own products in there.. This is a business..;) but you probably missed the point… As I said

“Obviously I’d love it if you choose one of mine and Pete’s products but it’s more important to just do it.”

So are you going to focus on 1 method for September ?


Mark White

One method for September – Oh yeah – my PhD 😉


Mike Putt

Hi Mark, I agree with you totally, its information overload, and you are tempted by the next shiny object, I was like this for a long time, but when I focussed and became consistent I got results


Dana Lind

Nice post Mark and quite true. Very true. Most people spend all there time blaming the product or company they sell for and never look to themselves. The fact that some people can make a fortune selling the exact same product just doesn’t turn the light on in their heads. It is defensive position in an attempt to spare that persons pride. Rather than face their faults and make changes they blame everything BUT themselves.

I know why I haven’t succeeded. I haven’t spent the time. I haven’t taken time away from other things. Somethings I can’t change for the moment, but rather than make excuses I chose to be patient, because I know what I need to do. Much of it you outlined! So nice..and I am a customer BTW and love your products!


Billy Casper

Mark, I read most of your post. There’s a fair bit to take in. I think if a person has a website, as I do, then that site must attract attention. It takes a lot of time and shere determination to succeed…

I am a published Author but I wouldn’t say a successful one… I don’t make many sales but my story wasn’t about making money. For those interested; please read and SHARE;
“A Reason for Living” – A Story that Shocked the World! ISBN: 9780953037469

This book is based on a true story of a child’s fight for survival from evil parents and a failing child care system.

Please SHARE

Billy Casper (Author)


Shaun Baird

Just to add some reality here…

You, your family and your kids form part of “you”.

The future of “you” is up to you.

Say “yeah,. I agree”, and kind of raise your consciousness so that you “want” to do this. (for a few more days!). or

“do it N O W”


now mean right now

“inertia”… another story right there



You are Spot on, as usual. I have lots of reasons why I have not “succeeded”. Most of them do boil down to me. At first, it was because I did not know enough so spent lots of time and money trying to learn. Then it was because I could not focus on any one thing at a time. Then it was because the things that actually do work also require a budget that is beyond my means. My interests go in a thousand different directions but have found that there are just a few that I really enjoy. So I am still refining. Thanks for telling it like it is even though some people will not accept that.



Glenda, keep refining and you’ll get there soon enough .. Actually it sounds like your almost “there”
Mark recently posted..Are Your Brave Enough To Read This?My Profile


Susan Velez

Hi Mark,

I think many people who get started online tend to think that it is going to be easy. We all want to see the success quickly. Most people aren’t willing to put in the required work to get the results they want.

You are so right that most things will work. However, most people give up too soon and jump from one method to another. I know because I used to be one of those people when I first got started online.
Susan Velez recently posted..Flippin Websites Product Creation Update Progress ReportMy Profile



This is a reply to Mark White’s comment (the reply link above doesn’t work):

“5 seconds in I knew you were going to try to sell me something – no sale this time but best of luck”

Mark (White) if you aren’t working for the government or a non-profit then your paycheck ultimately comes from selling stuff (or services). Why? Because the company you work for sells goods or services to either consumers, other businesses, or the government. Although you aren’t directly involved in the dirty deed, others in your company are. If your company refused to do any selling, they would be out of business and you wouldn’t have a job and therefore no income. This is also the case if you’re getting a stipend of some sort from the school you are getting your PhD from. They sell education.

Mark (Thompson), I hope you don’t mind my comment. I see this kind of disconnect everywhere on the Internet. I sometimes think I’m the only person on this planet who is aware of it.


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