Doh! Spectacularly Wrong Again

By Mark / September 21, 2013

I need to start with a massive apology to some people who probably will never see it.

I told you a few days ago I was heading to speak at Paul Mort’s Fitness Mentoring Seminar “thingy”

I expected it to be a bunch of the usual jaded know it all internet marketers who were basically attending so that they could tell the others how ‘fricken awesome they were.

If you’ve been to an IM event you’ll know what I mean

Wow! was I wrong.

The 20 or so guys and guyettes who were there were an incredible bunch.

Almost everyone who I talked to had given up a well paid corporate job so they could follow their passion for fitness.

I even met 2 interesting ex accountants… what was the chances of that!

During the day Paul and his trusty sidekick Tim “The News Reader” Goodwin got the attendees to show us their best emails which we preceded to critique.

There were absolutely NO ego’s present and no tantrums when we ripped apart someones hard work. They wanted to learn and were motivated to succeed.

I was consistently dumbstruck during the afternoon when people said things like…

“I sent this to my list of 60 and it made me £3000”


This email to my list of 70 made 3 sales which is worth £227 each.

Yes you read that right their lists are small incredibly small in some cases.

I even saw open rates in one case of 78%

The one thing they had in common apart from an over abundance of awesomeness is that they were all personal coaching clients of good ‘ol Mortdog

Morty teaches his coaching clients to email interesting emails daily (most don’t yet email daily but they are getting there)

I featured one of Paul’s emails In Email Infotainer. I imagine that a lot of Marketers would use it as a warning not to email like that.. not me baby, because I show you what emails like that can earn.

I am sure you know that email marketing works, well I can tell you that sending regular entertaining emails works even better.

Email Infotainment  is now live, I am really passionate about this as I know it works.

It doesn’t matter what Niche you are in or how big your list is Entertaining emails make sales day after day.

We are offering a special bonus for the first 24 hours… we’ll take 3 emails from buyers (3 in total not 3 from everyone!) and deconstruct them and critique them.. and then do the same to 3 of our successful emails

(Remember…No ego’s or tantrums!)

P.S. Yep this is the link…


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