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How to Write About Anything

I challenged one of my groups to come up with a topic that would be difficult to write about but that I could use to promote Email Infotainer.

I then created an email about that topic and switched it to make a promotion.

I created a video about the whole process that i added to the Members area for EI.

However as this method can be used for all content I decided to share it with you.

I use the exact same method to write reports and blog posts.

The topic was Death by Oreo Cupcake and the final email is below.

To see how I got there (and it’s not as you would expect) watch the video which I’ll post below this… below the video you’ll have the final version of the email

If you think that your writing could benefit from a bit of Infotainment there is a link below the video.

This works for every kind of writing.

The Email
Death By Oreo Cupcakes

I saw a recipe today for Death By Oreo CupCakes which brought back some great memories.

I am a child of the 70’s I lived life in black and white.

Looking back there is very little colour in my memories until I get to my late teens and I discovered Punk Rock.

The Oreo recipe brought back a ton of memories about when me and my sister were growing up Oreo’s, Twinkies and Hershey bars were like the holy grail.

Occasionally glimpsed in American TV imports they were a complete mystery but obviously amazing.

All we had were Rich Tea biscuits.

Which are the most boring biscuits in the world

For sweets we had “spaceships, bland sherbet inside a styrofoam case.

Well it tasted like styrofoam! Don’t ask me how I know.

Then it all changed when my Uncle from Canada came to visit bearing boxes of the holy grail…

Oreo’s Herschey bars and Twinkies.

Be careful what you wish for!

I was completely disappointed by Hershey bars and Twinkies.

The only thing in my whole life that was more disappointing was the time I found a bike under my parents bed the week before christmas…

…Only to find out on christmas day that my dad was hiding it for the neighbours.

But Oreos were different they delivered, they were everything I expected and more!

40+ years later I still love them

I even had a small packet with me playing golf last week.

In your online business always strive to deliver the Oreos.

Anything you create should deliver what it promises doesn’t matter if it’s an article or a product.

Far too many marketers promise something that sounds amazing only to deliver Twinkies and Hershey bars ..

Sure some people will like it…

But many will be bitterly disappointed!

Mark” Putting the Ohhhhh in Oreo” Thompson

P.S. Email Infotainer is closing in a few days after that It will be selling for a lot more. If you want to write emails that entertain your subscribers then get it now.

If you write articles or blog posts then this is just as valuable to you, just pretend we called it Blog Infotainer!

Here’s the link!

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Simona@security of payment

This is actually quite helpful! I am always looking for ways to enhance my way of writing anything and evolve by “stealing” small ideas from people like you. Thanks!


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