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By Mark / October 7, 2013

I got a really great question from Kevin about formatting emails and what size they should be

“I have tried to imitate your style while maintaining my own personality and suddenly have my small list of subscribers really interacting with me which is fantastic. I have a couple of questions though which I hope you can help with.

(I left that bit in because it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling – you can get email Infotainer at:

1. what width do you recommend you emails should be? …I am sure somewhere I heard you say 75 characters?

2. How do you get aWeber to format your emails the way they are dispatched because I am sure that they are HTML. I suspect that you have imported your own HTML code? …am I correct? If so, is it possible that you would share that code? ”

To be honest I had no idea what width I used. Having counted the characters it does seem to be around 75 characters wide.

But that doesn’t matter what matters is that the email works on Desktop, smartphones and tablets. I’ve discovered that the ideal width for that is 400 Pixels

As for point 2 Kevin is 100% correct I use html code to post text as this is how I get the emails to look perfect on any device.

No broken lines or strange formatting for me!

In fact as of this email I would much prefer people to read my emails on their tables and phones.


I’ve added some clever coding so that any links show up much better in any emails read on mobile devices. (it seems it also works on gmail!

You might notice it below

So how do I do it?

I’ve created a short video to show you the whole process I use for formatting an email

Link TO AW Pro Tools




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Fred Ferguson

Hey Mark! This post was an answer to something I’ve been thinking about. Thanks for sharing and by the way your AW Pro Tools link is no good mate. I’ll wait to check that out until you get it fixed.



ahhh I’ll report that it’s at the other end 😉


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