Is There Really No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

By Mark / March 25, 2009

If you have been keeping up with the latest IM promotions you could well be forgiven for thinking that The definition of free has changed.

To me A Free product means exactly that it’s free, it costs nothing , there is no payment needed. If you tried to access the Free Butterfly marketing promotion yesterday you would no doubt have seen that Free means different things to Guru’s as it does to us humbler marketers.

In the case of BFM 2.0 free meant a $29.95 postage and packing fee.. Wow How expensive is postage in the US?? I got a router and an Ipod fedexed over night from New York To Spain for about the same price. On top of that you signed up for a forced continuity program for a Newsletter which costs $40 a month .. (forgive me if I am wrong with the price I was laughing too much at this stage!).

Good Luck cancelling

I also loved all the email’s that came out about how you are getting agreat piece of $2000 software for free. I hope it’s improved from the buggy program that was released 2 years ago. I am sure I have seen it offered a few times since them for much less.

I hope you asked the guys promoting it if they use this “awesome”  (irony!!) piece of software.

So What am I going to do to try to redress the balance and show you that there are some great marketers out there who actually care about the people who read our blogs and buy our products.

How does this sound.

My favorite fellow marketer goes by the name of Potpiegirl like me she actually cares about people and above all wants people to succeed. So I am going to include a link to an excellent free guide she has released about creating an income from Squidoo. It is well worth a read.

I am also going to show you how to find a sucessful business model that you can copy and improve on.

So first off lets look at the video , it’s just over 8 minutes long but if you follow what I am doing I guarantee that it can change your life. There are loads of successful business models out there so just find the one that suits your circumstances.

Hope you enjoyed that. To grab Potpiegirl’s free book Click Here

Finally I am running an experiment with twitter so if you enjoyed this post please use the link at the top of the post to retweet about it. I’ll reveal my results in a few weeks.

As always comments are welcome.

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Blog Expert

That is right. No free lunch.


Bryan Thompson

Every time I hear BFM’s authors name mentioned in the same sentence with ‘free’, I instinctively reach for my wallet to make sure it is still there…



Wonderful video and a very nice tips.

I totally agree, “FREE” is as good as spending not even a single cent.


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