The Power Of Nothing

By Mark / November 19, 2013

Man, umbrella and sunbedThis Internet marketing lifestyle thingy isn’t as laid back and care free as some GooRooo’s (like kangaroos but less cute) would have you believe.

It’s a bit like a swan floating across I pond…

Sure, I can sit back with a beer and write and email or a report on the beach and make money from it.

Thats the easy bit, the bit of the swan thats on top of the water..

Below the waterline out of sight it’s a flurry of movement and chaos!

I was on vacation a few weeks ago and still dealing with hundreds of emails and support calls.

One day I took my wife to a really cool restaurant for lunch. I checked my emails between courses and there were over 60 emails.

I’d only cleared it out 3 hours before.

I cleared all 60 in the time it took the next course to come and decided there and then I was going to do something about it.

Enter Sanebox.

It’s a tool I found that filters your emails so you only see the important ones in your inbox the rest go to another folder where you can deal with them when you want.

It also emails you a summary of whats in the “sanelater” box.

24 hours later


6 emails over night the rest filed away so I can read them at my leisure.

My vacation really only started when I set up sandbox

Most Marketers wouldn’t tell you about it because they don’t want you to be able to avoid their Spammy emails, I think differently.

We know that if we continue to provide value you’ll be happy to open out emails.

After I set up sanebox 3 days of doing nothing recharged the batteries then over the weekend ideas began to flow again…

BIG ideas

BIG Plans

I am going to be delivering knowledge bombs left right and centre…

Welcome back Mojo

Mark “Breath and Relax” Thompson

The Dawg of Awesome Paul Mort published a podcast he recorded with me last week. If you want to Listen to it you can grab it at:

Get The Podcast Here ยป

Paul’s a Potty mouth so don’t listen to it with kids around..

Do yourself a favour, even if you don’t listen to my ravings check out the podcast with Alywn Cosgrove It’s the 4th one Paul did.. It’s epic and everyone who want to get into any business online or off line should listen to it.

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