‘Tis The Season To Share Knowledge

This is Part of an email thats scheduled to go out today..

I thought that as this will probably be the last email I send before you settle down to enjoy the festivities I would share a few knowledge bombs with you about what it took me to be successful online.

1. Be Patient Take Time to Master Skills

I didn’t know how to FTP, build a WordPress site or write an email or a PDF report when I started. I sure as hell didn’t have the confidence to create a video.

All those skills came with time and perseverance learn it once and you never have to learn it again.
2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

If you are stuck and you’ve hit a roadblock ask someone if they can help you. What might seem like an insurmountable problem to you is a probably a small speed hump for them.

3. Plan and Sketch out your Business

The best tools you can have as an Internet Marketer are a notepad and pen and a whiteboard. Jot down ideas and draw email sequences, sales funnels and product formats.

Once on paper projects look much easier and give you set targets that you can achieve. Simply drawing a workflow has saved me hours of trouble and problems.
4. Have a Short Medium and Long Term Business Plan

December and January are when people traditionally create plans for the year ahead.


Create plans for 1 month, then one for 3 months and finally one for a year ahead

I can guarantee that most of you can stick to the 1 month plan, 50% of you will stick to the 3 month plan and about 1 or 2% to the year long plan.

So be flexible and review your plans every month

Thats it for today.

Pete is on his Way to Sydney for Christmas leaving me to man the virtual office. This is the first christmas in 20 years we haven’t got my daughter at home for Christmas so we are having a very quite one.

Therefore I am setting aside some time over the next few weeks to do some personal 1 hour consults.

I recently auctioned a 1 hour consult for a charity (a local orphanage) and it raised €220 which is $300 so $97 is a bargain!

If you would like to have me go over your autoresponder sequences,business plans,look at your business and suggest ways to make it more profitable or advise you on any aspect of IM then just click the link below and schedule a time.
Click Here To Schedule»


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