Preparing For the Worst – Exit Strategy

exit-signI sent an email yesterday as my Internet was down and I was forced to work from a local cafe on my iPad.

The idea of the email was to get across that you need to be prepared for any eventuality.

I got quite a good response but one informed me that a well know UK marketer had had a Stroke on Christmas day.

Luckily as his business is email based he could still generate an income from his hospital bed.

How would your family cope if something happened to you today?

Below is the first email I sent plus the follow up that is going out today with a couple of practical tips.

Please be prepared!


First email:

Quite an apt email today, what would you do if you woke up and you didn’t have any internet access?

Not just for 1 or two days but let’s say a week or two weeks or heaven forbid a month?

What would you do if your sites were all down and your host told you the server needed to be rebuilt and they didn’t have any backups?

What would happen if you got injured and couldn’t work for a month?

I am writing this from a cafe because my internet is down and we don’t know when it will be back..hopefully 24-72 hours.

It’s not too much of an issue because I have all my logins and passwords etc stored where I can always access them with a wifi connection.

I have my writing tools and everything I need on my iPad or online where they can be easily accessed.

Which is lucky because I have a flippa auction ending in about 10 minutes and I am getting bids that need to be approved.

Last week my server got attacked and was out of action for 24 hours while my techs cleaned it and investigated..No one noticed because I had a back up of all my sites on Amazon AND on a hard drive at home.

Here are a few things to do to help ease the pain of I expecting tech gremlins

1. Use a password manager that has online secure access
2. Run a back up of your sites locally at least once a month
3. Keep copies of all content “in the cloud” by using Dropbox or something similar
4. Test your host.. Log a call and ask if they can restore a site from last week. (You won’t believe how many can’t)
5. List all your assists and sites so you know which ones will keep earning if you can’t work for a month..increase them if necessary.

Like every good boy or Girl Scout always be prepared!

Mark “IM Prepper” Thompson



Follow Up Email

The response I got to yesterdays email was surprising!

I never for a moment thought i’d get so many replies .

I had actually planned for todays email to be about the new type of product myself and Pete launched but thats gone by the wayside as I want to address something I raised briefly yesterday.

What would you do if you couldn’t work for a month?

More importantly what would your family do?

One of the emails I got informed me that a well known UK Marketer suffered a serious stroke on Christmas day and is still in hospital.

Luckily his main source of income is his Newsletter so he can still generate an income.

(Another reason why you NEED to have a list!)

If the worst happens to you today will your family or a trusted friend know what to do with your business?

Will they know how to access all your contacts and websites?

Why not spend 20 minutes documenting things and adding passwords and contact details then store details of how to access things with your important documents.

Call this your ICE file “In Case Of Emergency”

BTW – You have got an ICE entry on your cell phone don’t you?

Many police forces and first responders look for that in your contacts should the worst happen. If you lock your phone then you can get apps that will display ICE details on the lock page.

Please take time to think about this it’s important!

So important that I’ve relegated our launch to a couple of lines.

Myself and Pete are trying something very different today, We want to make coaching affordable for anyone so we are getting personal.

I think what we are offering is unique, plus there are no long sales letter or sales videos, no upsells or OTO’s just the facts…

Check it out

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