Don’t Build a House on Rented Land – Thanks Karma

By Mark / January 27, 2014

houseI love it when karma smiles on me.

The title of this email is a quote from an article John Loomer published today (head over to to read it).

If you don’t know who John Loomer he is probably one of the most knowledgeable Facebook marketers and commentators. When he says there is too much reliance on Facebook you should listen.

Myself and Pete have been working hard on a product for a few weeks and it’s launching this week, want to guess what it’s about?

Getting social traffic from places other than Facebook namely Google+

Thank you karma my old Friend…

You see on G+ it’s free and easy to build a big following.

It costs nothing for 100% of your followers to see your content.

The opposite of good ol’ Uncle FB

Over the weekend I read another quote about IM…

“There simply are no other fields in which I can spend $100 tomorrow and set up a new business.

I need no permission. I need no lawyers. I need no zoning permits. I need no environmental studies. I need no retail space or warehouse. I need no tv spot, newspaper ad, or yellow pages placement. I need no consultants. I need no incorporation to get started. I don’t need an army of workers. I don’t even need to buy any software. I’m limited only by … me.”

So true..

The trouble is that if a business is so easy to set up people get complacent and put all their eggs in one basket.

It happened with Adsense, It happened with article marketing, it’s happening with Facebook.

As Dolly Parton may have said… D.I.V.E.R.S.I.F.Y

Now don’t get me wrong I love Facebook for certain things, I spent $20 on friday and saturday and earned over $328 from a simple ad.

Thats Cool!

What I don’t like is having to pay more and more for the fans i’ve already paid for to see my posts.

Not Cool!

Anyway check out the video I did about Google+ over on Facebook (oh the irony!)

I’ll add another video tomorrow.

Mark “Irony Pleaseth me, greatly” Thompson

P.S. It’s been a very busy day today, I’ve just finished and uploaded a New podcast this is with Mike Thomas Aka Mike From Maine get it at

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