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By Mark / February 3, 2014
Making Choices

Making ChoicesInternet marketing is easy if you avoid the bull and focus on the simple things that matter.

In today’s email I wrote about how my subscribers should avoid writing anything new this week and focus on repurposing older content.. Leverage what you already have.

Never Miss A Blog Post…

If you do this often enough then you’ll save a hell of a lot of time during the week that you can use for other cash generating tasks.

The following is from an article I wote almost 7 years ago and it’s still valid today (see i practice what I preach!)

Many people get overwhelmed by the whole process of trying to make money online. They read loads of sales pages and start to believe the hype about needing tool x, y and z to succeed.

Making money online need not be difficult and in fact it can be broken down to 2 steps … yes internet marketing is a 2 step process. I like to call these 2 steps Divert and Convert.


Step one is Divert

This is simply the process of getting a person to move from one webpage or email to another.

This can be done in a number of ways such as article marketing and PPC. An example of this is easily demonstrated using Google.

Go to Google and do a search for “how to make biodiesel” or anything else you want. How many methods of diversion do you see there?

You’ll probably see, PPC ads, articles that have been posted to Ezinearticles, squidoo lenses, hub pages social bookmarking sites like 43things.com etc.etc.

All these are great methods of diverting traffic it’s just a matter of choosing which ones suit you best. Obviously the more you do and the higher you rank the better you rate of diversion will be.

For a recent product launch I managed to get 4 different methods of diversion into the top 10 results in Google. I even out ranked the main site that I was supposed to be promoting. As you can imagine in this case I diverted a lot of traffic to my sites where I could convert them to sales.


Step 2 is converting the people you divert to your site into income in some ways this is the easiest step of the two.

Once you have the visitors at your site you can use many methods of converting them , Adsense , affiliate products, your own products, CPA offers you can even get them to sign up to a newsletter and convert them to a subscriber.

Once again you’ll probably have more success by choosing just 1 or 2 methods and concentrating on those to start with. Once you’ve mastered these methods move on to another.

Obviously it will take a bit of time and skill to master the techniques needed and it’s not as easy as it might seem initially but by simplifying internet marketing down to 2 steps you can start to see what you need to do.

So Thats what i wrote almost 7 years ago and it’s still the same today..

Find out where the traffic is and divert it to a site when you can then convert it into subscribers of income.

It’s probably even easier now as you can use G+ and Facebook to do the heavy lifting of the divert part of the equation.

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