The Processes and Tricks I Use to be Productive

By Mark / February 10, 2014

processesThis week I want to try something a little bit different with my emails I am going to focus on the tools and processes I use on a day to day basis.

Over the years i’ve managed to become far more productive that I used to be.

I can create a product or build a funnel in a day should I need to and this is generally down to having a simple system in place and using applications that help my productivity

A big part of my workflow is possible because I try to keep things simple and I use a series of apps and applications which help streamline the processes.

The word of the week is…..REPEATABLE

(Later in the week I’ll do a blog post about the most important applications and tools I use.)

The first thing I do every monday morning is make sure I have a clean desktop and a zero emails in my inbox. Then and only then do a do a plan for the week.

I generally only focus on 2 or 3 main objectives for the week. There is no point in being unrealistic about what you can achieve.

Know your limits and stay below them.

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This week I have 3 things on my plan all 3 are based on building and testing new sales funnels for 3 niches. If I achieve all 3 it’s been a good week.

I outsource very little, I am quite lucky to have a wife who can create a good quality 15-20 page report in a couple of hours.

This means I can come up with an idea for a niche and while I am building the site and lead generation pages she is finishing off a lead magnet.

Easily replicable systems and processes mean that I can go from idea to first subscribers in a few hours.

If you have a system that works …stick to it!

I also try to leverage as much as possible, one of the funnels I want to build this week is based around list building and email marketing.

I have written a lot about this topic in the past so I have a whole series of free reports and products I can reuse and give away.

Tomorrow I’ll reveal the new email marketing sales funnel I am building…you love the domain name!

Mark “Cards On The Table” Thompson

If you are struggling with productivity use the Resuce Time app to keep you on track its free.

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