Facebook Marketing Is Maturing

By Mark / February 20, 2014

maturingFacebook Marketing is Maturing.

I spend a lot of time using Facebook to generate traffic and leads. I also monitor as many Facebook products as possible to see what direction things are going.

When I say monitoring thats a polite way to say I buy products..lots of products. (don’t tell my wife but the total on FB products is approaching $500 this month with more to come!)

Many of these products are rehashed and to be honest give no more information than anything myself and Pete have created.

But this is all part of investing in my business so it’s a necessary evil.

Over the past few months there has definitely been a change, long gone are the 2c and 1c ad products.

They are now being replaced with products that talk about the “Big Boy” topics of offline marketing, drop shipping and continuity marketing.

You are also seeing big name marketers taking notice and releasing products.

This is a natural progression it’s happened with every new method or system since I’ve been marketing and I am sure it’s happened since Grog first swapped a mammoth leg for a pile of berries.

At the moment marketers have a captive audience in FB as long as that continues FB marketing will continue to evolve. It’s not going away any time soon.

When I set up my first membership site I had to purchase forum software and membership software, it took me almost a month to master the tech side of things and be able to launch by that time I had spent almost $1000.

Using Facebook I can have a membership product up and running in under an hour, no tech issues , no membership software, no forum software.

I also have a captive audience who I can target and keep within the environment they are used to.

Facebook isn’t going anywhere if you aren’t using it for marketing now you are falling behind.

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Matt Jaggard

Hi, I want to get people off fbk and onto my landing/squeeze page. What product of yours would be best? FB Dynamo?





Matt, FBDynamo would be but we are in the process of re doing a lot of the videos to catch up with the fb changes.. should be about 2 weeks. Our best training is http://wtfbusinesssystem.com but it’s more advanced and not for everyone
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