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Room-Service_2581113bYesterday I sent an email to my subscribers which gave ideas for providing a simple service that you can sell to create Cashflow.

When I first started in IM I build small simple Adsense sites for people, this covered my living costs while I worked on my business.

I would not have survived as a marketer without it.

I can’t remember how much I charged but it wasn’t much, because I knew once the client saw the quality of the site then they would stick with me and continue to order. I could then add further services.

If someone has a website, they need content, they need seo, they need hosting and servers

It’s they same for most services you can offer.

My wife used the same principle when she wrote articles for people. $5 for 500 words then introduced them to her higher value products.

So on with the email, If you need cashflow I’ve added an Idea for a service that you can start today.

On with the email..


Yesterday Ben Settle sent out an email in which he advised the following.

“And what I would suggest is figuring out a service you can offer and sell for quick cash flow, while building your own product line on the side.”

I’ve been saying that for years and when I have a coaching client who is having a cash-flow crisis then thats what I always tell them.

People are happy to pay for services and it’s a quick way to generate income.

So I decided for today’s email to come up with a unique service that anyone can offer that can start making you money.

Here goes.

The faster a website loads the better it will rank and the more money it will make, Amazon loses $1.6 Billion for each 10th of a second delay on page load.

Page Load speed is a factor in google rankings, this what they said a few years back.

“You may have heard that here at Google we’re obsessed with speed, in our products and on the web. As part of that effort, today we’re including a new signal in our search ranking algorithms: site speed. Site speed reflects how quickly a website responds to web requests.”

Knowing that you can target website owners in your local area and check the speed of their site then offer to increase the speed.

For example target Plumbers in you local town.

Check all their site speeds using GTmetrix.com then contact the slowest and show them the results. (you could even do this with a FB ad if you wanted to)

Then charge $99 to speed the site up.

How do you speed the site up?..easy

Check out Speed demon it’s a low cost product which teaches you how to speed up websites.

Obviously you should also use it on your own sites.


Have a great weekend

Mark “Faster than a chetah on speed” Thompson

P.S. Take Action!

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