13 Successive Failures Leads to $2000 Per week

By Mark / February 25, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 14.00.21Unlucky 13!

My business partner Pete has just got back from his 6 week jaunt to South Africa.

Last night was the first time we’ve been able to have a strategy meeting since christmas. So I asked how things were going with his personal projects.

“Not bad man, did almost $2000 in teeshirt sales last week”

Yahdidwah? (That’s what came out of my mouth as I was trying to swallow some sweet sweet chocolate)

“Yeah I am now getting almost every campaign to Tip”

Tip, is when a teeshirt campaign sells the number of teeshirts you set for it. That means it’s going into production.

I am sure I mentioned this before but just before christmas Myself and Pete decided to try to make money from Teeshirts on Facebook.

I did 3 campaigns and gave up as I couldn’t get them to Tip

Pete failed 13 times..

Yep, 13 campaigns didn’t work and yet he still ploughed on, the 14th campaign worked and he’s not looked back.

He didn’t give up because he saw other people making money and knew if they could do it so could he.

Pete is either seriously deluded or a genius.. the jury is still out!

The moral of this is don’t give up! If you see someone making money at something you can do do it as well.

Lucky? 14th

Now I want to talk about the 14th

The 14th one is the important one because just like the others it was failing.

Then it got like a episode from Grey’s Anatomy.

You aren’t dying on my shift .. Crash Cart to Facebook

He started chest compressions..

Charging DeFib..

Step away


We have a pulse.

Ok lets get this campaign profitable, 10cc of adrenaline..

You get the idea ..

He worked his ass off to make it successful and along the way learned the secret to successful campaigns.

Now 60-80% are successful (which sure as hell beats a 100% failure rate).

The important thing is that the ones that now fail don’t cost a lot of money and the ones that are successful earn well

(almost $2000 in sales last week.)

You can now get hold of a case study of the 14th campaign, you get to see the Niche, the ads , the images, everything.

If you are one of those people who think that Teespring is only for the US market prepared to be surprised!

This isn’t a full blown launch we don’t even have a JV page.

Consider this an experiment, if this works we’ll focus on more things like this and less on the launch band wagon.

You get an 18 minute look at a successful campaign warts and all. It’s starting at $7.95 and is on a dime sale.

There is also the opportunity of sitting in on live training next week with Pete and getting a List of 200 Niches that are ripe for Teespring plus his Ad templates.

This isn’t theory, it’s an real life successful campaign

You can Grab the case study at..


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