Got to Love Action Takers!

Coaching-Hand-Up-300x272I’ve just got back from Portugal where I was speaking at Europe’s most exclusive seminar for Fitness Pro’s.

The strange thing is despite all the amazing feedback I got from the guys there I actually feel that I benefitted just as much as they did.

Sitting there in some of the mastermind sessions where they stood up and spoke about the bits of their businesses that were working well was an eye opener.

Some of the ideas from the other attendee’s about what could be done to improve other parts of the businesses were equally eye opening.

Not one person left the seminar without having something that would improve their income over the coming months.

what was also impressive was that several had used what I taught them to get more clients even before they got home!


I got an email this morning that said..

“I set up my first campaign at the airport on my way home and  3 hours later when I landed I had already made 3 sales”

During the seminar I realised that online businesses and Offline businesses are incredibly similar.

They need leads, they need to convert them and they need to retain them.

Over the next few days I’ll share some of what I learned and how I am translating what they are doing to my online businesses.

Lots of changes on the way!

First off is that I am running my own seminar in June In Marbella in Spain.

I hope to be holding it in a villa and it will be for 3 days , 2 days will be coaching and demonstrating whats working at the moment and the 3rd day will be a mastermind about your business.

Places will be very limited.

I am also looking at including an amazing bonus .. more of that later.

I’ll be releasing details in the next week or so. If you are interested please click the link below and you’ll be added to a pre-registration list. and sign up

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