How To Write An Article In Under 10 Minutes

how to write an article in under 10 minutesThe recent Article Marketing Video Series I did For wordpress Goldmine stretched to over 3 hours. However one of the most enjoyable ones for me was when I wrote an article in under 10 minutes. I have decided to repeat the feat here and write another article in under 10 minutes. In fact it is 8 minutes 25 seconds.

The secret to writing these articles is to start with the main body and afterwards write the first and last paragraphs. You’ll see what i mean in the Video below. Another keypoint is to keep your articles at around 300 words.

Any more than 300 words and most peple start to lose attention and switch off. Don’t believe it? next time you are talking to someone record what you are saying then stop when they start to lose attention then go back and count the words you spoke.

Anyway on with the video…

Here is the article in full:


In this article we will look at how you can write a very quick article using a simple 3 step formula. Your articles should be interesting yet not give away all the information the reader wants. Let them go to your blog or sales page to find out more.

Step one.

When you want to write a quick article the best thing to do is to lay down 3 tips or steps first this will give you a frame work for the article. Once you have these in place you can build the first and last paragraphs around them. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and snappy.

Step Two.

Once you have the three steps or tips in place then you can start to write the first paragraph. The first paragraph should tell the reader what to expect. This is why we write the main body first. When writing the main paragraph keep in mind that you’ll need a summary when you place the article on EzineArticles so if you make this the summary then you’ll save time.

Step Three.

Finally write the concluding paragraph. Use this to sum up what you’ve written. Also use it to lead the reader into the resource box. The last paragraph should be considered as a pre-sell for your resource box.

In the article above we looked at a very simple way to write an article. All you need to do is to lay down 3 simple tips or steps them build the first and last paragraph around it. You can read many more tips like this at my personal blog.

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