How To Write An Article In Under 10 Minutes

how to write an article in under 10 minutesThe recent Article Marketing Video Series I did For wordpress Goldmine stretched to over 3 hours. However one of the most enjoyable ones for me was when I wrote an article in under 10 minutes. I have decided to repeat the feat here and write another article in under 10 minutes. In fact it is 8 minutes 25 seconds.

The secret to writing these articles is to start with the main body and afterwards write the first and last paragraphs. You’ll see what i mean in the Video below. Another keypoint is to keep your articles at around 300 words.

Any more than 300 words and most peple start to lose attention and switch off. Don’t believe it? next time you are talking to someone record what you are saying then stop when they start to lose attention then go back and count the words you spoke.

Anyway on with the video…

Here is the article in full:


In this article we will look at how you can write a very quick article using a simple 3 step formula. Your articles should be interesting yet not give away all the information the reader wants. Let them go to your blog or sales page to find out more.

Step one.

When you want to write a quick article the best thing to do is to lay down 3 tips or steps first this will give you a frame work for the article. Once you have these in place you can build the first and last paragraphs around them. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and snappy.

Step Two.

Once you have the three steps or tips in place then you can start to write the first paragraph. The first paragraph should tell the reader what to expect. This is why we write the main body first. When writing the main paragraph keep in mind that you’ll need a summary when you place the article on EzineArticles so if you make this the summary then you’ll save time.

Step Three.

Finally write the concluding paragraph. Use this to sum up what you’ve written. Also use it to lead the reader into the resource box. The last paragraph should be considered as a pre-sell for your resource box.

In the article above we looked at a very simple way to write an article. All you need to do is to lay down 3 simple tips or steps them build the first and last paragraph around it. You can read many more tips like this at my personal blog.

Since creating this post I have written book on article marketing called Article Dominance you can grab a copy  at


  1. says


    Thanks for a great report and a great article writing lesson. You hit the nail on the head about over thinking an article. That is my downfall, as I strive to be perfect. I have to remind myself that I’m not writing a Pulitzer Prize winning dissertation.

    Now I know I will be keeping an out for you posting.





    Thanks Ken , Glad you liked it


  2. says

    thanks Mark. the best thing i liked was your humility. you immediately made everyone comfortable and endeared your personality by admitting your foibles. great stuff! and your simple suggestions are excellent. i would like to talk to you further about how to make work in favor of the article originator instead of advertising all the opposition. obviously i missed something. thanks again. peter


  3. Steve@505Internetmarketing says

    Great video. These tips should help speed things up for me. I do over think what I am trying to do and this should help, thanks


  4. says

    Mark that was great, I never thought of writing the article from the inside out, it makes much more sense to do it that way, I’m gonna give it a go now.

    Thanks :D



  5. Kirst says

    Thanks Mark for this quick video. I am taking ages – up to 40 minutes to write one article. If its in a niche that i know about then its really a lot easier but when i am trying to rewrite plr or think of stuff in a niche i am clueless about it really takes time. The tip above of writing the main body first before the intro and conclusion is also great, so thanks for that. I look forward to reading thro this blog and getting more fab tips like the ones above. And thanks also for the BRILLIANT killer resource box PDF doc. it helps a ton too. cheers



  6. says

    Hi Mark,

    Landed from the Killer Resources Box ppg – I got it legitimately. No vood attack here… :)

    Anyway, you’re precisely on the dot about keeping it under 300 words and the resource box is the most vital part of the article. As a matter of fact I’m attracted to the short articles and tend to read it through to the end. Almost always I will skip parts of the longer articles.

    Nice to have met you!



  7. says

    Hey Mark,

    It is thanks to people like you that the genuine side of article writing survives and prospers…

    Just got through reading your Article Dominance eBook and found the whole thing just simply awesome.

    I have been writing aricles now for nearly a year predominately for affiliate marketing purposes and thought I’d written some amazing articles, but with results that I would not class as astounding. Now thanks to you I know why.

    Better than that I can now improve on what I do next as well as revamp to also improve what I have already done.

    Highly recommend your eBook to anyone who has not already read it.

    Many Thanks,

    Clive Anderson



    Thank you for the positive feedback clive


  8. Darren says

    Hi Mark

    You made it look so easy. I always thought it was so much more difficult. Ive yet to read your ebook but would like to seriously get into artical marketting, i assume it has most other aspects on this topic such as the posting.






    it covers most topics including where you should submit the articles


  9. says


    Thanks for this video and the ebook “Article Dominance”. I’ve been making everything a lot harder that it really is. Pot pie Girl and you both have taught me to quite getting caught up in all the hype and just do it! Keep it simple and move forward.

    Focus and get er done!

    Thanks again,




  10. says

    Whoa! Just read your Article Dominance book and took copious notes. Great stuff.

    Then I watched your video. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise–right down to the nitty gritty of doing a fast article before our very eyes.

    Now I’m off to write faster articles than the hour-long ones I’ve been turning out. And I’ll make two versions from now on, one for my site and one for

    Best of all, I can’t wait to use your resource box suggestions for a click through rate that’ll make my hair stand on end!


  11. says

    Just watch the video of you writing an article in under 10 minutes and all I can say is “WOW!!!” This is what I have been looking for. A simple formula for writing quick and interesting articles! “Cha-Ching”

    Bravo to you sir…


  12. says

    Hi Mark

    Excellent video and tips, thanks.

    No problem writing an article under 10 min. — if you’re familiar with the topic.

    But if you have to do research first, this makes the process much longer.

    Any tips for doing rapid research / cutting down on research time?

    Keep up your great work!




  13. says

    Mark, that video really opened my eyes, Great lesson, going to try it on my next article. No wonder mine are rambling on and on!

    Clapping for Mark,




  14. says

    I think you essentially need to vomit your words onto the page – right like the wind my friend – without any spelling, grammar or editorial thoughts in your head. You are the 50 monkeys locked in a room tapping on typewriters. Once you’ve become one with your inner monkeys then become the spelling and grammar nazi. Then edit it to make sense. You’ll write a lot faster like that.
    Ade recently posted..Why Do People Fail To Make It Online – Part One ?My Profile


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