Making Fitness a Game

By Mark / April 9, 2014

10-top-android-racing-games-f03f96e9feIf you aren’t bothered about fitness then this post isn’t for you!

I am a geek, I love to work out systems and methods that work for me, I use it in my business on a daily basis and now I’ve applied similar techniques to my fitness.

Mary Poppins once said (or at least the script writer)

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and – SNAP! – the job’s a game!”

This principle has always worked for me since I found the theory of Gamification (Turning tasks into a game… read up about it it’s the future of apps and plugins!)

I’ve started to apply this to my fitness.

The problem with being an Internet Marketer is that we often sit at you desks for hours at a time, thats not good for you or your metabolism.

Unless you are very careful you can pile on the lbs or kilo’s

Weight loss is easy, burn more calories than consume …simple!

Once you know the figures then it’s even easier.


Know Your Figures

So lets take me for example… (I am going to simplify this as there are a few outside factors but the principles are solid)

My Basal Metabolic Rate at the moment is 2490 calories. BMR is the amount of calories your body burns on a daily basis.

So if i do nothing today just sit here and write and eat 2490 calories my weight won’t change.

Cool.. thats the important number to start with.

The next number you need to know is that it takes 3500 calories to burn or create 1lb of fat. For us enlightened ones thats 7700 calories = 1kg

So If I want to lose 1 kg of fat a week I need to burn 1,100 calories more that I consume.

Still with me?

If I take 1,100 from my BMR i know that if I eat 1390 calories a day i can sit on my add and do noting and still lose weight

Told you it was simple

The alternative is that I can burn 1,100 calories doing an activity and eat 2490 calories.

I actually choose to do about 600 calories worth of walking and eat about 1800 calories.

That burgers won’t taste too bad if you know it’s just another 3 km walk to nullify it!

Told you it was simple.

The Tools

So how do I do it.. I gamify it, I turn it into a game. I constantly try to improve my scores and move onto new levels ..just like I did on Quake!

Here are the tools you’ll need.

Myfitnesspal – free app I use the food and exercise diary and it also works out your BMR for you. It tracks your daily calorie intake and expenditure.

Something to log calories burned I use a Garmin Vivofit which I wear 24/7 it tracks my steps, calories burned  and gives me a daily goal to achieve that increases daily.

As a bonus when I go for a walk it connects to my heart rate monitor to track the activity

It also connects to Garmin connect and adds you into challenges with people at your own level..

I am 10th in the league I am in for the number of steps this week .. going to hunt down the 4 people in front of me today.

Fitbit flex and the jawbone up24 are alternatives that do the same thing.

Thats it it’s simple .. My Vivofit is telling me it’s time to move (happens every hour!) so i’ll leave it there.

If you have a vivofit contact me on garmin connect and i’ll try to beat you 😉


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